Marathon Swap 10/2004 Dry Fly

Marathon Swap 10/2004 Dry Fly

Liquid Lace & Willow Brown Size 12 Dry by Randy Diefert aka Long Ears.
Liquid Lace Willow and Brown
Mustad R30 dry hook size 12
Cream 8/0 thread
Mallard Flank Feather
Clear Liquid Lace size- midge
Grouse Tail Feather
Brown Saddle hackle

Start at eye of hook and wrap thread to just above the barb of the hook
Tie in Tail. Use 3-4 barbs from a Mallard Flank Feather
Make Tail equal to lenght of the hook.
Wrap the Thread forward; stopping 1/8" behind the eye and 1/2 hitch thread.
Tie in Clear Midge Liquid Lace (filled with baby oil) using 4 wraps to secure.
As you stretch the lace towards the bend of the hook, sparsely wrap the thread and lace on TOP of the hook.
When you arrive at the tail; Give the Lace 4 good firm wraps of thread to "lock" in the oil.
Now take an Orange Marker pen and make a single line on top of the fly from the tail to the tie-in point.
Wrap the Lace towards the eye. Start by pulling the Lace fairly tight and loosening after the first 2 wraps. This will give your fly a perfect segmented look that wiil allow the orange to show through.* Do not pull on the lace too tight, if you do; it gives a dull appearance and semi flattens out.
Stop the Liquid Lace approx. 3/4 of the wat towards the eye and make 4 firm overlapping wraps with your thread to "trap" the oil Then a couple of 1/2 hitches for safety. Cut the remaining Lace from the Fly.
Take a Grose Tail feather and pinch several small clumps of barbs from one side of the feather.Lay them in lenthwise on top of the hook. Tie them at midpoint of the feather with 2-3 god wraps of thread. Bend them in half to form a parachute style wing. Trim.
Wrap in a Brown saddle hackle to help the Grouse feather stand upright. wrap 3 behind,3 infront of the parachute wing with the saddle hackle.
Whip finish and cement with Min-wax or other WATER-Based head cement* * Petroleum based Head cements will possibly eat the lace.
Finish the Fly by taking your tying sissors and "raking the tail causeing it to curl upward. Trim any loose hairs and your done.
Ed Smith of Unique Fly Fishing Products introduced this Fly to me from Kamloops BC and is a "hot one" in area lakes.
Feel free to Email me if you desire any additional information about this product.
Randy Diefert

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