Marathon Swap 10/2004 Dry Fly

Marathon Swap 10/2004 Dry Fly

Spent Needle Fly by Andrew

This is a great fly! You did a real nice job tying it...
I'd really apprietiate the recipe, If you wouldn't mind... :)


Sorry it took so long for me to respond to this fly.

This pattern is a slight varriation of Needle Fly by Oliver Edwards.

Materials are in order of placement:

-Hook is a bent shank size 14 #1730
-Tail is stripped peacock herl (I use one of those pink erasers that you push onto the end of a pencil when the stock eraser is used up...the square end tip works nice!)
-wing material is brown swiss straw, but I'm sure you could substitute. Cut 1.5" tapered strips 1/8" on one end gaining to 3/16" on the other. Tie over hook in an "X" pattern.
-Tie over the wings peacock herl so that the material is facing the rear of the hook.
-Tie in ginger or brown hackle (I used Whitings 100's) behind the last pair of wings, and wind to hook eye.
-With scissors trim the hackle off the top portion of the fly (give it a crew-cut!) and fold over the peacock herls.
-Whip finish, trim wings, and fish!

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