Richard Torres - Copper Fish Hawk
Ned Wright

Richard Torres - Copper Fish Hawk

I need to appologize to Richard for this photo. This just happened to be the one that he labeled for me to send back to him, but I didn't see it until I had already send out the flies. The wings on the rest were much better.

My bad
I'm sorry Ned, but i'm going to have to report this photo to the admin. for being such a "poorly tied" fly.

All joking aside, it was one of the flies I tied in haste, which was the reason I wrote on the tag to send it back.

It's all yours now Ned!! LOL

It's actually an easy fly to tie.

Here are the ingredients:
Hook: 2-3XL wet fly, sz 10-6
Thread: Black or brown 6/0
Tail: Brown mottled turkey section
Body: Flat gold tinsel (didn't have gold so I used copper which I think looks better)
Rib: Gold wire, wrapped opposite direction of tinsel (optional) (again I used copper wire instead)
Hackle: Brown, tied wet style
Wing: Brown mottled turkey tail sections, on edge over body

Richard, I love the way this fly looks. Cant wait to fish it. I might tie it on a salt water hook for cutts and rezzies.

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2009 Marathon Trout Swap - Streamers
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