small fish, big rod.
Pretty Ballsy posting that pick after certain comments were that how you spell ballsy? don't know. Did that fish even bend that giant spey rod? was it even a steelhead? We talked about this remember? just kidding. Nice fish Adam. I had a good time.
Hey, it's the only pic I have up here with me in the photo. "Eating crow" I think it's called.
Throwing an intermediate. water was chilly. Didn't throw a mid to long belly floater the entire time but I also didn't bead or nymph :}
MSU? WTF? If anything I would we labeled as a Husker fan, but that would even push it. I got a hawkeye hat somewhere around the house as well. Glad to see you have been find them.

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2009 Mararoa River NZ
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