Shrimp pattern Swap 2009

Shrimp pattern Swap 2009

Hey, im getting into tying again; so cant experiment right now. BUT, ive often thought of hackle reversing just like the spnnerbait skirts for bass.

How does the fly fish? Does it spin? hows the action? is casting it more difficult? Thanks if you have a second to answer my pestering questions! lol/
Just saw this, as its getting near "the time" again.

I fish "reversed spiders" for Searun Cutthroat a lot, and they often do spin if you try to troll them. I only troll them between the holding areas that I can work by casting, back in the tidal creeks. Mallard Flank wrapped just like in the above pic. Can twist up your leader. Doesn't seem to happen when you strip them in, though. Just when trolling. (Normally, though, I'll troll a baitfish or forage fish pattern).

Mine don't like to turn over when casting into the wind. Too much wind resistance for their mass. I have overcome this a bit by tying in about 5 wraps of med lead wire on my #6 and #8 Reversed Spiders. When you really fire 'em hard into the wind, then they will "zing over" to the end of you leader instead of blowing back at you!
The weighted ones don't sink very deep at all when fished on a floating line, but they don't usually sit on top when they "splash down" rather than "alight." The un-weighted version of my spiders often sits there for a second and gets slammed right on the surface. If not, it pops under and gets stripped in, just under the surface.
I'll fish either on a clear intermediate full sinker or sinktip, too. Twitching them deep and slow through a dark pool if there isn't any surface activity going on.
I like natural, the lemon-yellow or "wood duck", and sometimes that rusty orange (same as in the pic) on one that I think imitates a crayfish when fished deep.

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2009 Coho Shrimp Pattern Fly Swap
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