Emerger Swap
Ron Eagle Elk

Emerger Swap

Tied by Steve S
This fly is amazing. Until I saw it in a large picture I didn't notice the mutliple layers of material and the attention to detail that went into this fly. Steve, add my voice to those asking for the recipe. Thanks.
Hook: scud/emerger hook
Thread: 8/0 color to match body
Underbody: Gold tinsel
Overbody: Clear V-Rib
Wing: CDC puff
Legs: Partridge
Collar: Ostrich herl
Head: Glass bead

I tie these in many different colors to match naturals and will sometimes use brighter colors as an attractor. Fished on a dead drift sometimes under an idicator but usually get quite a few hook ups letting it swing at the end of the drift.
Damn good lookin fly. Looks like I may need to get to tyin some for the southern oregon area. looks great keep it up.

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2005 Emerger Swap
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