Winter Lake

Winter Lake

Irafly Stillwater Nymph
Size 14 nymph hook.
Marabou for the tail and the shellback are the same peice.
Red hackle.
New Age Chenile for the body.
Olive Thread.

1. Bead
2. Wrap on the thread towards the bend.
3. Tie in the hackle by the tips at the bend.
4. Tie in the chenile.
5. Tie in the Marabou as a tail and let the remaining portion sit forward toward the eye of the hook, but make sure you use marabou with loooong strands because you will be using it to make the shell back. Sacrifice tail length, but makes sure you have enough to make the shell back, trust me. Also make sure to tie it down tight so that the strands don't pull out when you pull them back over later for the shell back.
6. Pull up the marabou fibers for the shell back and wrap the thread forward to the bead but leave maybe a 1/2 cm or so to leave room for wrapping everything down later.
7. Keep the marabou fibers back and wrap the chenile forward, tie it off behind the bead. If you tie it off and it looks like it is to far back, don't panic. You can fill that space in with the Marabou later.
8. Wrap the hackle forward and tie off at the same place as the chenile.
9. Trim the top part of the hackle fibers off the top of the fly.
10. Pull the non tail portion of the marabou forward across the top to create the back.
11. Whip that sucker off.


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2011 Winter Lake Swap
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