Winter Lake

Winter Lake

Jeff Studebaker Marabou Minnow
Instructions: Marabou Minnow

I have the best luck with this one in low visibility conditions - dusk, dawn, murky water, etc.

Hook: streamer size 12
Bead: silver size 5/32
Thread: white 8/0
Tail: White marabou on bottom, blue dun marabou on top
Body: White sparkle chenille
Rib: Silver wire
Hackle: White saddle
Collar: Red neck hackle

1. Put bead on hook.
2. Tie in white marabou tail at hook bend.
3. Tie in blue dun marabou such that the ends extend over the white marabou tail. Do not cut the excess - fold back it over the tail so it is out of the way for now (wetting it lightly helps keep it there).
4. Tie in chenille and wire rib just in front of dun marabou tie-in point.
5. Wind thread up to bead. Wind chenille forward.
6. Tie in white hackle by the stem, behind the bead. Palmer it to tail and secure it there with wire rib.
7. Wind wire rib forward and secure behind bead.
8. Tie in red hackle collar.
9. Trim the hackle along the top of the fly. (Optionally) brush on a light coat of superglue to give the marabou back some extra strength.
11. Bring tag ends of dun marabou down along the back and tie off at bead.
12. Trim marabou ends and whip finish. Drop your favorite glue behind the bead, but also at the tail, where the thread wraps go over the marabou.

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2011 Winter Lake Swap
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