John Clark's Damsel

John Clark's Damsel

I don't know if this photo does the fly justice. The one I received looks like it's guaranteed to swim with killer action. This one really caught my eye while I was separating my swap flies. Good looking materials.
This is John Clarks damsel I can attest it is a fishgetter. It has great action and is one of Johns go to patterns.
jesse clark
hook size 8-12
tail olive marabeau
body peacock herl
hackle/collar olive died grizzly saddle hackle
Gold bead to match hook size.
You can fish this on a full sink line but I like to fish it over the weed beds on a floating line. Use a long leader 12' or more and strip fast enough to just keep it above the weeds. I used this technique tonight at a local lake and picked up 5 nice fish from 14-21 inches in just a couple of hours. Hang on tight with the fast strip the hits are explosive.
John Clark

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2005 Early Lake Fly Swap
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