Deep Water Chironimid

Deep Water Chironimid

Hook: Size 12 Scud
Bead: Tungsten 3/32
Gills: White Antron Yarn
Body: Black Thread
Rib: Sulky Holoshimmer 145-6053 (Bought at a craft store.)
Body Overlay: 1/8 inch clear scud backing.

First tie on and finish of the Antron Gills at the head of the fly. Ties these in thin enough so you can put the top of the bead over your wraps. Next put your bead over your wraps and tie your thread in right behind the bead. Take your scud backing and cut the end of it at an angle, the tip of the backing should be a very thin point. Tie that point in behind the bead and while pulling the scud backing back over the fly, work your thread towards the bend of the hook matching each thread wrap next to the wrap before it. As you stretch the backing, try to time it or wrap it so your last wrap, just down the bend, happens just as you've reach the full width again of your backing. Next tie in a length of the holoshimmer. I just tie in a small section and then I start wrapping my thread back towards the eye covering up the section I just tied in. As you wrap forward, again you want to try to make your wraps even. Once your back at the bead, wrap your holoshimmer forward to create the rib. Once you've tied that off behind the bead, stretch and wrap your scud backing up and around the entire fly. This serves two purposes, it protects the fly and the delicate holosimmer from fish teeth, and it also traps just a little bit of air under the fly, giving a glossy sheen underwater. Once you've tied the backing off, you can tie in some peacock herl to taste.


I fish this fly deep 15'-30' of water, just off the bottom 3" to 12". I don't move it much. I've fished both under and indicator but in really deep water I use a full sink line, measure it out with a clip on weight, and then I fish it right under the boat with the rod tip in the water. The rod tip becomes your strike indicator. When it launches under the water, set the hook :).

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