Nyerge Nymph
Ron Eagle Elk

Nyerge Nymph

Ron, you need to add an "s" at the end of Nyerge. Gil's last name is spelled "Nyerges".

As a note, because it seems like you're very particular about your ties, is that when tying the original Nyerges Nymph, Gil ties in the hackle tip as a 'tail' before he palmers the hackle forward. Source of the info: Gil told me. :)

Gil keeps track of the different species of fish he's caught on Nyerges Nymph variants. He's caught many species of trout (of course), bass, carp, bonefish, and even dorado and tarpon! No joke, seen the pictures. Of course, the nymph size and materials are adjusted according to the species pursued.

Good tying!

Richard Embry
Another important omission from pattern. There is no wire rib, which is needed to secure that hackle, and add a bit of flash. The pattern might also be weighted as in the La Fontaine "rollover scud."
That fly, in that color, in the evenings, on Duck lake would slam the trout that cruise the ledge!!!!!! Yahoo

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2005 / 2006 Marathon Swap - Nymphs
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