troutpocket Jig Nymph

troutpocket Jig Nymph

Hook: #14 60-degree jig
Bead: 2.8mm slotted tungsten
Tail: mallard flank fibers
Body: fine&dry dubbing - black
Rib: small ultrawire, red or copper
Thorax: 3 strands peacock herl twisted around thread and wrapped 5-6 turns
Hackle: partridgeThis was a great fall pattern on the Basin lakes for me. Fish it under an indicator when leeches, damsels, and chironomids aren't getting it done (I know . .. rare. But it happens!). Hang it near the bottom on the deep side of shoals or adjacent to weeds.
once again great tie TP, iv'e been doing some serious work on a local lake with this fly. finally lost it today trout fishing a newly thawed lake when i ended up hooking a massive grass carp that came off in some weeds a few feet from the net!
I love this bug.  It can easily pass for many different food sources, but most importantly I like to tease pocket that it is a jig chironomid.

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2012 Winter Lake 2 Swap
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