Chironomid #2
Ron Eagle Elk

Chironomid #2

I call it mike's midge, it has produced pretty well for me in most of the rivers i have fished here in utah. i think they look so much better with the naked eye, because ron takes such good pictures, all of a sudden i am critisizing the hell out of my ties, now i can see all the discrepancies. oh well. i consider it a combonation of a zebra midge, foam wing emerger and a k.f. flasher. i fish it like a nymph.

Hook - any small hook, i tie them on 16's - 22's
Body - any color thread you want, i use red, green, black, tan, or olive. i have had the best success on red, green and black
Rib - small oval silver tinsel
Underwing - 3 or 4 strands of rainbow krystal flah cut short
Overwing - white foam cut shorter then the underwing
Head - usually olive brown krystal dub, but have used black lite bright with equal success.

I always fish it as my bottom fly under either a worm, nymph or soft hackle.
Very nice tye mike, I like this one much better.
I know what you mean about blowing these flies up 100 times their normal size...

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2005 Tax Day Swap
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