Spot Light Emerger Variant
Ron Eagle Elk

Spot Light Emerger Variant

-Size 20 standard hook

-Short barbed peacock herl, wound 1/3 of shank, leave remaining uncut.

-Micro chenile (sp?), olive or pale green, singe with lighter, let 1/2" (or shorter depending on what your fingers can handle) extend over eye of hook.

-Brown biots each side, place so natural curve faces outward.

-6 to 8 stands of crystal flash tied to form a loop.

-Fold chenile over itself wrap back to base of loop and trim off excess.

-Wrap remaining peacock herl towards eye, leave 1/16" of chenile (to form head), whip finish, and take a sip of beer or two....repeat process.

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2005 / 2006 Marathon Swap - Cripples / Emergers
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