The Pink Monstrosity
Paul Huffman

The Pink Monstrosity

This one tied on a pink 40 mm Sanyo shank, Fireline extension to a pink #2 Gami Octopus hook, tail whirl of some kind of greenish mirage Flashabou, butt of chartreuse cactus chenille, sometimes a bit of UV dubbing to get the spacing correct on the body but it doesn't mater much because it is covered with other material, then a whirl of orange deer body hair with the butts clipped to a muddler hea
(continued from above) sort of a muddler head, the idea being to hold the next materials out from the shank. Next a pink ostrich "spey plume" spun on like a hackle, then 2-3 strands of pink Lady Amherst tail on each side for feelers, then finished off with a pink guinea hackle. These evolved from something like a Hoh Bo as I was looking for something that wasn't as big and hard to cast as a whole Intruder. Looking for something for smaller and clearer waters. It's modeled after my lucky fly, one fly that caught about 5 steelhead for me. That's one fly, not one pattern. It was pretty beat up and a sad day when I lost it to a snag. I like the looks of this fly with black deer hair rather than orange. If I don't have small ostrich plumes, I put ostrich, and Lady Amherst strands with a little shrimpy UV dubbing in a dubbing loop.
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