Smolt Gurgler
Ron Eagle Elk

Smolt Gurgler

Tied by Tin Pusher

I've never fished this one, it was submitted by Tin-Pusher. I have fished this type of pattern before though. It the salt just pop it along on the surface (they float like corks with all that foam) on the retrieve. On a river I'd probably skate it across the current and pop it on the dangle. The upturned foam at the front causes quit a disturbance in the water when it's popped along.

For a more complete answer, you might PM Tin-Pusher.

I found this pattern on the web site listed below. In addition to the fishing technique described there I like to riffle hitch under the fly and skate it in the river. I would love to hear how succesful you are with this fly and what species, other than SRC, are caught on it by the fellow fly swappers.

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2005 SRC swap
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Ron Eagle Elk
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