Liquid Lace Idaho Nymph
Ron Eagle Elk

Liquid Lace Idaho Nymph

Tied by Randy Diefert
On our recent trip to the Selway and Lochsa this is the ONLY nymph those cutts would take. I can attest to the effectiveness of this fly. Nicely done.
It's a hackle feather jesse Here's the step by step notice that it's all in the prep.
First take 3 webby black hackle feathers and using your fingers preen the barbs downward until they're sticking out perpendicular to the feather stem.
strip off the longer ones (at the bottom of the feather)from one of the feathers and set them aside.
now strip all of the barbs off of one side of another feather. Take your scissors and cut the other side approx 1/16" from the top to the base of the quill.It'll resememble a Marine "flat top" haircut.
lay that feather aside.
Tie in the loner fibers for the tail, which should be spikey and 1/2 of the lenght of the body.
run your thread up to within 1/4" of the eye of the hook.
Tye in your Black Medium Liquid Lace on topp of the hook. Use 4 wraps to trap the oil inside.
holding the Liquid Lace on top of the hook, Sparsely wrap it with your black 8/0 thread while slightly strecching it towards the tail.
When you get to the tails tye-in point take 4 good tight wraps on the Liquid Lace to "presurize" it and trap the oil.
I use a rotary vise so the next step is realitively easy.
Stretch the Liquid Lace by pulling snugly on it. Star wrapping the material forward on the hook but, after the first 3 turns release the presure and just aloow the material to roll onto the hook as it goes forward. (didn't loose you there I hope.
Stop when you get 3/4 of the way to the eye and where you think your thorax should be. Take 4 more wraps of thread over your body and 1/2 hitch it to lock everything up.
At this point I like to do a taper with my thread against the Lace.I think it makes the body more durable.
Now take a white goose feather or white Swiss straw and cut a strip the width of the body and tye that in facing the tail.tye in anothr hackle by the butt.
Now take 2 strand of peacock herl and tye them in and make 4 wraps with it towards the eye and tie it off with a 1/2 hitch. Trim off excess
Wrap the hackle forward 4 wraps.Tie that off.Trim off excess.
Now, with your Right hand fore finger and right thumb from the top of the fly; Preen the hackle down and back and pinch/hold it there.Using your left hand fore finger and thumb fold the wing case over the hacle/legs.
hopefully you left yourself enough room to whip finish the fly directly behind the eye of the hook. Trim off the remaining swiss straw /or goose feather and build a small head.
Trim the legs to suit your liking and coat the wing case and head twice with a water based head cement.
This fly is an awesome pattern which was introduced to me by Ed Smith of Kamloops BC.
I couldn't belive how well we do with it in most of the Lakes that we've fished it. I also like it using Tan Liquid Lace with a gold colored Peacock herl and brown (pheasant, natural) hackle /wingcase and Flouresent Green Liquid Lace. But I would still use black with it.
tight Lines!

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