Ron Eagle Elk


Tied by Tricho-Treat
This is more or less a basic GRHE, but here is the recipe...
Hook - TMC 200rbl sz 6-10
Weight(opt) - Lead wire same diameter as hook, 8-10 wraps under thorax
Tail - White Goose biots
Rib - Gold brassie wire
Abdomen - Hare's ear dubbing with some mask guard hairs blended in
Thorax - Dark Hare-Tron, hare's mask dubbing, with a small pinch of chopped up pearl and or gold angel hair blended and spun in a dubbing loop.
wingcase - Turkey
legs - English Grouse or Mottled Hen back

combining two of my favorite patterns -- I like it. Looks like a very nice fly.
Thanks Dylan.
The pics Ron took are really good. I just noticed you can see his reflection in the beadhead. pretty cool.

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2005 / 2006 Marathon Swap - Nymphs
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Ron Eagle Elk
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