Black widow

Black widow

This is a pattern still in its experimental phases. I tried a tie similar to it in MT this summer and it caught fish, now I am just refining it a bit more.

Here is the recipe.
Hook - size 10 2x long shank nymph hook (or whatever you want to use)
Thread - Black (could try red? might be cool.)
*can be bead headed or not...I like the bead.
1. Tie in Biots for tail
2. Tie in small guage gold wire at tail
3. Under the shank, tie in a piece of small diameter red chenille
4. Dub with black dubbing about 2/3 the way up the shank. I used that polar dubbing with the antron and flashy stuff.
5. Pull chenille to front of body and tie off.
6. Wrap wire around body, lashing the chenile along the bottom as you go.
7. Tie off and install rubber legs on both sides, then dub a little bit in front of them.
8. Wrap hackle (I used cheap india hen hackle) collar style.
9. Go fish. Catch fish.
A big ugly bug that a fish wants to eat. Nothing in particular, it is more of an attractor pattern, but could serve roughly as some sort of stonefly i would imagine...

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2006 Nymph-o-Maniacs Swap
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