Copper John

Copper John

This is just your everyday poorly wrapped copper john with some rubber legs. tie it better than I did, and it might look good too...

Hook - curved pupa hook.
thread - black
1. Tie in biots for tail
2. Tie in and wrap red wire forward about 2/3 the way up.
3. Tie in mylar for the wing back. Tie in peacock herl and wrap forward, tie off.
4. wind back through herl and tie in legs. ( I have noticed this doesnt look to obvious, is easier than tying part of the peacock, then legs, then more peacock, and seems to make the herl a bit more durable...You may have a better way to do it. If so let us know.)
5. Pull mylar over thorax and tie off behind bead. Clip closer than I did.
6. Go fish.
7. Buy me a portable light with a magnifyer so I dont send out poorly tied flies... they fish but they aint pretty to look at.

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2006 Nymph-o-Maniacs Swap
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