Bulkey River Samurai
Warren Perry

Bulkey River Samurai

Tied By Ron Eagle Elk
mmmm, you can just see the fish thinking- "I gotta kill that thing!", when this swings thru behind the rock on the river! Another essential fly to a any steelhead swap- Thanks Ron, very cool
killer pattern REE, i have tied some of my patterns in the past with the rabbit/zonker strip the same way.
I have tied about a dozen and a half of these in various colors for an up coming trip to the OP. Great tie Ron
Thanks Guys. I usually tie it in Black, Olive, Purple, Orange and White. Most action comes on the Black, Purple and White.

That fly will sink rather slow with the rabbit strip flying the way it will in the water. I have problems getting flies with this design down fast enough for most steelhead fishing I do. No problem for the summer runs though.

Beautiful fly though. It looks tasty.
I dont like that much loose leather. It seems like it hooks on the point of the hook somewhere on the leather frequently. That thing looks great though.

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2005 Holiday Steelhead Swap
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Warren Perry
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