Pseudo Critter
Warren Perry

Pseudo Critter

Tied by Spokane Fisherman
The other fly that may need a run-off in my mind with the Bright Spey. I like this fly alot and when I saw it my first thought was = FISH ON.
Hook: Dai Riki #700 Size 1 (Clipped)
Gamakatsu Octopus Size 2 (Stinger)
Weight: 7/32" Hour glass eyes.
Tail: Purple Bucktail
Body: Dubbed with Mohair Plus Black N Copper.
Underwing: Dark purple Bucktail.
Collar: Purple Guinea.
When I was checking the flies from this swap, this is the first one I pulled out of the box. First thought? Holy crap! I gotta have more of these.

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2005 Holiday Steelhead Swap
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Warren Perry
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