Bloody Mary
mr trout

Bloody Mary

Tied By: Trevor Hutton (mr trout)
Originally tied by Darryl Smoot of Yakima.

~Add bead
~Tie in Biot tails
~Tie in one strand of peacock herl
~Tie in Red Floss and build body
~Tie off and whip finish/half hitch
~Coat body with thick-ish tying cement
~Wrap Peacock over wet cement to set and lock in place
~Using the rest of that strand or by tying in another, build thorax of peacock herl
~Tie off and let dry
~Tie in collar hackle (Cheap India Hen back or whatever)
~Wrap hackle (I tend to over hackle, it think it gives it more durability..., probably just need a couple wraps)
~Tie off and whip finish
~Go fish. I dead drift mine like a regular nymph most often, but it works well swung in the wet fly manner too. Enjoy.

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2006 Soft Hackle Swap
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mr trout
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