Modified Stalcup Leech
Daryle Holmstrom

Modified Stalcup Leech

Post the recipe when you can Trevor.

Materials: Hook, Dubbing (I used black Ice dubbing and brown mixed by hand), Hen Hackle, lead and thread.

-Put down whatever weight you want on the shank. I like heavy.
-With thread at the bend of the hook make a fairly long dubbing loop, you will want it to be about 2X the length of the tail.
-Put dubbing in loop and twist it tight enough to stay, but not to capture every fiber - you want some buggy lookin stuff to stick out.
-Hold dubbing loop up and let it twist around itself (essentially furling) and tie it in again on the hook.
-Dub the body, again buggy is good.
-Tie in Hackle and give 'er a couple wraps (works without it too...)
-Tie off and go fish.

I am experimenting with various methods of adding a trailing hook, I think I have a good prototype, but I need to get some more trials in. I will post it here once I figure it out more.
Yes, but later :) I am in the middle of some paper writing now, I may be able to post a step by step with some photos in a few days. Once you see it or do it once, it is super easy, I promise.

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