Articulated Marabou Leech
Daryle Holmstrom

Articulated Marabou Leech

Can't wait to see the recipe and tying instructions on this one. Also can't wait to see it in the water.

Pretty easy fly....

Gami size 4 octopus hook.
Size 6 mustad hook for the body.
Maroon maribou
Dark brown maribou
Black schlappen

Tie on the gami hook with some 20 lb dacron. I colored the white with a black sharpie. Don't furl the leader as it's very short. I'm only using around 4" of loop to hang the stinger hook around 1" way from the bend of the mustad. Palmer on the maroon maribou, then tie in some crystal flash. Next palmer on the dark brown maribou, then the schlappen. Whip finish

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2006 Leech Swap
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