Rabbit Sculpin pattern thingy

Rabbit Sculpin pattern thingy

James Mello
Cool! Does it right up like that or the other way? Looks like a small bird at this angle.
I would guess that it rides upside down. So I put it in my vise the wrong way.
Looks like your not inventing the next sculpin pattern but the next hot perch pattern for Bass !! Keep em coming !!!!
LOL :) I guarantee that in the water it looks like a sculpin. It was decided that marabou was a good material for the belly as it would "flatten" when it go jigged or moved, but expand when stopped.
It would work great as a thick baitfish like a shad or such that is skinny and very tall. Fly has great action in the water.
That there folks is a bone-a-fide sculpin. very cool and interesting! Some great ideas!

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2006 Sculpin Swap
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