Skip's Sculpin

Skip's Sculpin

Because the lead eyes are tied on top on the hook, the fly should ride upside down, hook point up. This puts the white chenile belly on the bottom and the pectoral fins will point down. I've tied this fly in olive for freshwater and in gray for saltwater. Gray is a good match for staghorn sculpins, a very common bottom fish in the sound.

It is a pretty fast fly to tie because I used chenile rather than spinning deer hair or wool. I started with tying in lead eyes on top of the hook and cementing them in place with superglu. The body is white chenile with a strip of red vernile just behind the eyes. The pectoral fins are pheasant body feathers. The head is brown chenile and the fly is topped with a strip of rabbit.

This fly looks so realistic! I like the White body and I will be tying more for AK and the sound.

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2006 Sculpin Swap
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