Emerging Midge Pupa
Ron Eagle Elk

Emerging Midge Pupa

Tied By Desmond Wiles
Thanks guys.

It's a pretty easy tie. Antron shuck, black thread body, silver wire ribbing, peackock herl thorax, & white foam.
Nice. What is the foam? Is it one of those pre-made tubes you find in the shop? Did you coat the black thread with anything or is that the natural look?
The foam is something I got from work. It's called EVA (I don't know exactly what that's abreviated for), a high density foam which is something we use to build up contours in our custom seats. It's not too different than the 5"x5"x 3mm sheets you can get at fly shops, only mine was free ;). As far as the body goes, I like to put a little fleximent on all my thread bodied flies, mainly just to keep the thread from fraying.

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2006 Tax Day 20 and Smaller Swap
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