Banana Squid:
Hook: 254 or 253 Eagle Claw size 1/0 through 5/0
Tail: A small bunch of long white or gray bucktail, then two or three long white saddles tied in flat over the bucktail. Next, four ginger saddles tied in as a veil around the white saddles, then tie some purple Crystal Flash on each side. Then take two short badger hackles and tie them in on either side of the tail; top this off with a long, pale gray, webby saddle tied in flat and tie in a full plume of amber marabou over that.
Body: Transluscent purple mylar yarn wrapped to a point 3/8 of an inch from the eye of the hook
Wing: It is a collar made of four different parts. First, a sparse, one hair thick, collar of yellow bucktail long enough to extend to the end of the amber marabou, then a sparse, one hair thick, collar of red bucktail and last, a sparse one hair thick collar of blue. Finish the fly by tying in a plume of brownish gray marabou by the tail, doubling it, and winding a full collar
I have wire leader. Didn't lose the fly. I watched the fish following it slowly and then I started stripping fast and Wham! But It fell off.

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