March Brown Flymph
Ron Eagle Elk

March Brown Flymph

Tied By Desmond Wiles
I have yet to fish a flymph, but after reading Wet Flies by Dave Hughes, I was compelled to go for it. It can immitate a number of things, depending on how and where you fish it in the water column. You can fish it in the middle of the column, just under the surface, in the film, or on top as a cripple. Dead drift, or fish on the swing to immitate an emergence! Because of the loose scruffy dubbing, air bubbles will get trapped inside, causing the fly to look like the gas bubbles on a mayfly or caddis pupa as it rises to the surface.

It's a great book for anyone interested, I know a few guys on this site recomended it. I intend on tying a few more color and size variations for myself!
std size 12 hook
PT fibers for the tail
red thread (recipe calls for gossimar silk, but I didn't have any)
hares ear body spun in a dubbing loop
brown hackle
Desmond, I'm looking forward to your new reality show "Pimp my Flymph".

Nice tie :)

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2005 / 2006 Marathon Swap - Emergers / Cripples
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