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Tied By: Tom Grobelny. Hook: TMC 100 Sz 18; Thread: Tan 6/0; Rib: Fine Gold Wire; Hackle: Grizzly/Dun (optional); Body: Tan Dubbing; Wing: Elk Hair
Tom, fished one of the extras you sent me on my last trip. Caddis hatching all around and a nice trout rose to this fly. If not for it, I would have been skunked. Thanks Buddy.

I am glad you are getting some use out of them. This is the fly that caught my first fish on a dry! I have seen them with full hackle, no hackle and various states of trimmed hackle. I decided to send one of each extreme, no hackle and full hackle.

Let me know if one is more effective then the other.

By the way, Thanks for hosting this swap. It was loads of fun and I learned a lot also. I guess it is sort of the whole point.

Tom G

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2005 / 2006 Marathon Swap - Emergers / Cripples
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