Techno Wog Variant

Techno Wog Variant

Go the the local craft store, get a 12"x18" sheet of 3mm closed-cell foam for about $0.99, and have at it.

I dislike spun wogs for several reasons...They bleed color when wet, they sink if they get slime on them, they cast like bricks when the above happens, the hair breaks off after about the 3rd fish, and they fall apart after the 10th.

The "new" variant of the above fly is even simpler...McFly foam tail, "Flame" color, instead of rabbit.
The wings are 3/16" 3mm, the top is 7/16"...hook is a Tiemco 8089s sz 6

If y'all want, I can post steps with images in the flyforum, just pm or reply and I will take a crack at it.
G smolt, I will be using this fly for sure In Alaska. I will be up there next thursday.
Posted the step-by-step (probably too much detail) in the fly forum.

Good fishin.

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