Peacock Damsel Nymph
Daryle Holmstrom

Peacock Damsel Nymph

Tied by Nick Riggs aka AbsoluteHog
The extended body was tied separately on a sewing pin before getting tied to the hook and it can be bent anyway you see fit. Is that bad? your comment made me think, that may affect hook sets/bite? Now I feel stupid... Eh.

Hook: Size 12 anything (I used barbless because it's what I had at the time)
Thorax: Olive dubbing
Tail: Olive marabou
Extended body: Sewing Pin, and thread built up to give some shape then with peacock herl wrapped over that, then Golden Olive V-Rib.

I tied the extanded body first, then just tied it onto the hook, then re-tied on the peacock and v-rib to finish the body up to the thorax.

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2006 Stillwater Invent Swap
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