Beagle Special
Daryle Holmstrom

Beagle Special

Tied by Rory McMahon
Hook: size 14 3769
thread: 6/0 black
Tail: Beagle hair
Body: Peacock herl
Ribbing: medium copper wire
wing: beagle hair
weight: 5 wraps of lead
head: generous amounts of head cement

Most of the wings are curved down but there were a few that were hard to get right. Beagle hair isn't the easiet material to work with, it has a natural curve to it which is kinda annoying, what i like about it is that it doesn't flare. I think this fly would be a good attractor. Doesn't really resemble anything, sort of like a carey special, hopefully it will catch fish like a carey special.
This is one of my favorites Rory, is your Beagle a thirteen or fifteen incher. Had a couple of champions in my younger days.

shes a 13 incher, but she thinks shes about 5 feet tall. she basically does what she wants, i also have a yellow lab thats 3 times her size, but the beagle pushes her around.
Good job, Rory. Very creative use of materials. How did the dog like being snipped for materials? Was she cooperative or did you have to hold her down and feed her a biscuit?
i did it when she was pretty tired, i got them from her back since that was the longest hair. She kept thinking i was petting her and would rolloever and want be to scratch her belly, got kind of annoying.
LOL, just came across this. i use my beagles hair in alot of my flies ( u using 100% bluetick? thats where the moneys at) i started by cutting little pieces off the tail but found that a few scratches on the belly easly shed enough off

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2006 Stillwater Invent Swap
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