Chad's French Fry
Daryle Holmstrom

Chad's French Fry

Tied by Chad Keller
OK, my "French Fries" went out this morning.

They were initially meant to be a perch fry \ bait fish type pattern - green back, yellow body, some flash and some red for extra attraction...

But "Perch Baby" just didn't seem to fit. Nor did I like "Perch Fry".

The yellow belly got me hooked on the "French" aspect of the fly.

So I thought about "frech fries". all those skinny little yellow baitfish patterns in my plastic container just looked like a box of fries from McD's or something. The red marks could be ketchup.

And in a pinch, they could be used as damsel nymphs. And with some slight trimming here and there, there are many other things they could represent.

They are quick to make (fast food) and the quality is marginal (I'm still a new tier), and the materials are nothing fancy. So the name really does fit.

Basically they are more than just 'perch fry'. They are a tasty snack for big trout - "french fries".

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