October Caddis Skater - Cabezon
Don Stracener

October Caddis Skater - Cabezon

October Caddis Skater
Thanks REE. It is tied on a light-wire salmon dry fly hook, size 2. The thread is yellow 6/0; not the best match with the rest, but it was the closest that I had. The abdomen is made from a thin strip of goldenrod 2mm foam. I tied it in at the bend and then wrapped forward. The wing is dark elk (though it certainly looks light in this picture). I dubbed the thorax with golden-yellow superfine dubbing. I palmered a dun hackle over the dubbing and trimmed off the top and bottom fibers. I then marked the abdomen with a brown sharpie to enhance the segmented appearance that the wrapped foam provides.


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2006 Summer Steelhead Swap
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