1. W

    FS TFO Axiom 2, 890-4, $195 Shipped

    I have a TFO Axiom 2 for sale. 9', 8wt, 4pc. I bought this from another forum member this spring and I have not used it. The prior owner at the time I bought it stated he had used it once as a backup 8wt and described it as in perfect condition. It is in perfect condition and looks unused...
  2. P

    FS RL Winston pre im6 6wt / Powell "Performance Ply" 8wt

    RL Winston pre im6 #5183 9' 6wt 2piece rod with original tube. Very nice condition. $450, open to trades. Powell "Performance Ply" 9' 8wt 4 piece rod comes with cloth pouch. Very nice condition $300, open to trades. Feel free to ask for more pics or make an offer.
  3. webba

    FS Scott S4 9’6” 8wt Sweet Steelhead Rod

    Scott S4 9’6” 8wt. Sweet steelhead rod, used it for a season and decided on a 10’ rod. $350 obo
  4. Wyfly

    FS Hardy Zephrus SWS 8wt 9ft 4 piece

    Selling a Hardy Zephrus SWS 9ft 8wt 4 piece. It’s been used in freshwater twice. I have quite a few hardy rods and simply don’t need this one. I will accept PayPal or Venmo. Will ship usps Priority 2-3 day. $350
  5. M

    FS FS: Hatch Finatic 7 Plus Mid Arbor

    Selling a Hatch Finatic 7 Plus with the Mid Arbor spool and includes reel pouch and box. The reel is in excellent condition after being purchased new this year. Includes backing but not the fly line. Gen 1 reel. Price is $440 and I accept paypal. Located in Massachusetts, but will ship.
  6. N

    FS/T St. Croix Imperial 4302 8/9 9' for replacement 5 or 6wt.

    Fell in Gallatin River in MT and lost a 5wt. Selling or trade St. Croix Imperial 2 piece 8/9 wt. 9ft. See pics, in great condition. Let me know what you have. Selling or trading. Asking $125 and open to offers
  7. L

    FS Sage One 890-4

    I have a 9ft 8wt Sage one that I used a few times. The rod is in good condition and comes with the tube and warranty card. There are small amount of scratches on the male end of the butt section of the rod, but other than that it's great. The price is $380. I would also consider trading for a...
  8. A

    FS Sage RPL 890-4, 9ft 8wt - Excellent Condition

    Up for sale is my 8wt Sage RPL that I purchased several years ago. Awesome and sweet casting rod, but I recently replaced this with a Helios 2 as my primary and don't need to keep both. Rod is in excellent condition and has original warranty card. When I purchased it, it came with a Loomis sock...
  9. greenomics

    FS/T TFO BVK 9' 8wt

    I am editing this post after close inspection of the rod (with pictures). I am categorizing this rod as lightly used (rather than "like new"). There is some minor wear/oxidation to some of the rod guides on the top section. Cork is great shape. I can't find any scratches to the blank. See...
  10. saltybum

    FS Redington CPS 8wt

    I have two of these and decided to sell the nicer one of the two. Typical small scuffs but no major issues. $185.00 shipped conus U.S.
  11. fishingAK14

    T Scientific Angler MPX 6wt & 8wt for 9wt

    I have a new MPX 6wt & 8wt line that I would like to now sell. I purchased what I needed. Both MxP lines are Buckskin green. ****Ended up buying the Rio Grand 8wt I needed, willing to sell lines now.******* Thanks $55 Shipped
  12. Adrian

    FS Sage Domain Reel 8wt

    With running line in excellent shape. Platinum in color with neoprene sleeve. $200 obo Thank you, Adrian 206-321-1847
  13. B

    FS/T For Sale Sage one 8wt 9’ New

    New Sage One 8wt 9’ for sale or trade. 460 + shipping.
  14. S

    Hardy 8wt Demon

    Was looking at the Hardy Demon Salt at the fly show. Anybody cast or fish the9-0 8wt? Looking into rods at the mid level that I can use for PS salmon and freshwater streamer fishing. I know, the proverbial do it all rod. Not much out there on the Demon. Any help would be appreciated. T
  15. rhinofarrell@att.net

    FS/T G Loomis Native Run 10' 8wt

    I bought this rod just before putting a spey rod in my hands for the first time so it has been used maybe 10 days and has not seen sunlight for a few years. I am either looking to sell it for $400 (includes shipping CON US) or trade for a rod suitable for stripped bass. Native Run GLX Fly...
  16. Lue Taylor


    Sinking rocket fly line 8wt Olympic Brand $15 ship
  17. fireroad

    FS Rio Vesitip 8 and 10 wt lines NIB

    I have 2 brand new in box Rio Versitip lines, one 8wt and one 10wt, purchased this past winter. I decided to go with 9 and 11wt rods for my saltwater needs. Paid $190 each, asking $125 shipped CONUS. https://www.rioproducts.com/pro…/sinking/intouch-versitip-ii
  18. F

    FS 8wt Redington

    8wt Redington Link lowering price to $112 shipped paypal
  19. F

    FS Redington Link 7wt and 8wt

    Selling a like new Redington Link 4pc 10' 7wt with cool carbon fiber looking tube and rod bag. Rod is like new, never fished it only practice cast on lawn.....I don't really have a need for 7wt, my intention for this rod I never made the trip so time to sell $170 shipped Paypal redington Link...
  20. E

    8wt BVK & Echo Ion reel

    Lost it during a President's Day (2/19) float on the Hoh river. Please PM if found.
  21. mtnsaremyhome

    Echo Classic 11' 8wt question and general switch rod questions

    I couldn't find much on here, as I guess this is an older rod. Has anyone spent any time with this particular stick? Long story short I believe I am looking for a true switch rod in small/medium rivers often with high banks for salmon, steel and bulls. I have a 10ft 8wt vapen single hander and...
  22. S

    FS 8wt Rio multi tip

    Complete set up in original box. four tips. three were unused. the other used once or twice. 60$ will ship on your dime-obo
  23. Finny76

    T SAGE Motive & SAGE Approach (8wt)

    I have a SAGE Approach 8wt (New) & SAGE Motive 8wt (Used) Would like to TRADE for a smaller setup 7wt & smaller. The Approach is brand new so I dont think any need for pictue,s however i can send pictures of the MOTIVE. If interested, Please PM me.... Thanks
  24. ICastItAll

    FS New Sage Accel 890-4 (8wt, 9')

    New and unused Sage Accel 890-4; 8wt, 9', 4pc. Asking $415 to your door, open to offers.
  25. L

    FS Orvis H2 5wt and Echo Base 8wt

  26. Riversidecountydrive

    FS Full spey setup Redington chromer 12'6 8wt

    Redington chromer 12'6" 8wt with a fully integrated Skagit line that perfectly matches the rod and a redington brakewater reel. This package is the real deal. Ready to fish setup Rod, reel, fully integrated Skagit line, rod tube Great spey setup with an excellent reel for salmon, steelhead...
  27. F

    FS WTB TFO BVK 8wt 10'

    I waant to buy a TFO BVK 8wt 10' Thanks Brock
  28. C

    FS Redington 11’9” 8wt Dually

    Bought this as a back up rod - lightly used. Great rod for the price- stick can really do it all. Would love to get this in someones hands that would use it. would let it go at $175 PM me if interested or would like pictures Thanks
  29. F

    FS WTB TFO BVK 8wt 10'

    I want to buy a TFO BVK 8wt 10' Thanks
  30. R

    FS Looking for an 8wt stick with fighting butt-8.5 to 9.5 length

    Budget is $350, including shipping. Looking for a rod for a fishing trip to Florida in decent condition so I can resell it at not too big of a loss.
  31. L

    FS Sage One 890-4

    I have a 9ft 8wt Sage one that I used a few times. The rod is in good condition and comes with the tube and warranty card. I'll post images later today. The price is $400. I would also consider trading for a Sage One 691, or a Sage Spey rod with cash on top.
  32. R

    FS Beulah Platinum Spey 8wt 13'8"

    I live in Portland Oregon, I do not have the ability to travel very far. That being said. The Beulah Spey rod will include the shooting head that matches the rod, sock, and the tube. Feel free to post or pm me. Was looking for about $475
  33. Steve Rees

    WTB Beulah Platinum Spey Rod 8wt 12'4"

    Want to buy Beulah Platinum 12'4" 8 wt spey rod. Or other shorter spey rod in 7wt or 8wt. Cheers Steve
  34. C

    FS/T Sage VXP 8wt 9'

    Would like to trade/sell a Sage VXP 8wt for either a 10' 7/8wt or a 9' 5wt. Would also be interested in hardy reels. I can throw in cash on my side as well. PM for pictures. Rod was only used once so pretty much new. Will sell for $200
  35. JDeck

    Beulah 13' 8" 8wt but which reel?

    Need some insight. I picked up a Beulah 13' 8" 8wt and need to pair it with a reel which will balance it nicely. In a perfect world it'd be an antique but I am thinking of the Galvan Torque T10. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  36. D

    FS Sage One 9'-0" 8wt

    Lightly used Sage One 9'-0" 8wt. Looking to clean house so I'll let it go for $375 OBO. Will post pictures soon. Comes with sage rod sock.
  37. Seattle Gooner

    FS Hardy Proaxis 8WT (890) - $225

    Selling my 9' eight weight Hardy Proaxis for $225. Great rod for beach salmon and river steelhead. This rod is in excellent condition and shows little signs of use with normal cork wear and minor scratches on the blanks. The rod tube is in good shape with a few dings from transport. What will be...
  38. Seattle Gooner

    FS Orvis H2 8WT (890)

    Selling my 9' eight weight H2 for $325. Great rod for beach salmon and river steelhead. This rod is in excellent condition and shows little signs of use with normal cork wear and minor scratches on the blanks. The rod tube is in perfect shape with a few dings from transport. I will also...
  39. jim52

    FS Tfo BVK 8wt .used once , my own ,warranty card

    great rod , been used for 2 hrs like new cond ,, See photo with warranty card . I heard so much about these rods and 8 wts are my primary stick .. but I have a Scott and mystic that I just love Although different from the Scott and mystic for 200 less these are an unbelievable value ,...I...
  40. Thrasybulus

    FS Scott S4S 8wt (Brand New, Unused)

    Scott S4S 908/4 8 weight 9'0" 4-piece fly rod for sale. Brand new, never fished, never cast, in the original sock-tube-box, plastic on the cork. Rod is already registered. List price is $775. The Scott S4S is a top notch fast action fly rod for fresh and saltwater angling made in USA with...
  41. E

    WTB TFO BVK 9' 8wt

    PM if you have one laying around.
  42. M

    FS 5wt and 8wt fs

    I have an 8'6" 5 wt TLS power matrix that has only seen water 1 time. Just a spare rod I don't use. I would like $150 shipped. I also have an R.L.Winston 9' 8wt XTR This rod has been fished quite bit and shows good honest wear but no damage. It was a custom order rod so it does have a name on it...
  43. TheAngler

    T 9' 8wt for a brand new Ross Evolution R Salt 7/8

    The reel is brand new and retails for $595.00. http://www.rossreels.com/evolution-r-salt.html Please let me know if anybody is interested in trading his/her 8wt. Preferably, I am looking for a Sage rod, but I am open to other brands. Thanks, Benjamin
  44. tyafly

    WTB Peak Rotary Vise | TFO BVK 7wt or 8wt

    I'm looking for a used Peak Rotary vise. Midge, Regular or Saltwater jaws are fine. Also looking for a TFO BVK 7 or 8wt. Neither needs to be pristine. As long as they are in sound working order, I'm interested. Send me a PM or post here Thanks
  45. fmunoz

    FS Orvis Clearwater 908-4 8WT 9' 4 Piece Fly Rod

    Brand new, cork still has shrink wrap on it, never used (yes not even lawn casted :) ). Comes in original rod tube. $150.00 shipped
  46. arrow1347

    WTB used 8wt sink tip

    want to try for striper fishing in the Delaware river.

    FS Echo SR 81010-4 8wt Switch Rod

    Great switch rod that has only been fished a handful of times. Rod, cork, seat are all in great condition. Original sock and tube included. $185 obo. I also have an Echo SR 71010-4 7wt switch, same condition same price. Located in federal way, wa

    FS Echo SR 71010-4 7wt Switch Rod

    Great switch rod that has only been fished a handful of times. Rod, cork, seat are all in great condition. Original sock and tube included. $185 obo. I also have an Echo SR 81010-4 8wt switch, same condition same price. Located in federal way, wa
  49. silfishers

    FS Spey Combo - 13' 8wt Rod / Teton Tioga #10 reel / Spey line

    This is a Cabela's Fish Eagle Spey Combo - Rod, Reel & Line - $200 Used once. Like new condition. Originally paid $330. Cabela's Fish Eagle 3-piece Spey Rod - 13ft/8wt with hard case Teton Tioga #10 Reel with cloth bag Airflo Delta WF8/9 Floating Spey line (already on reel with backing)...
  50. S

    FS For sale sage XP 9ft6 8wt

    Yes she is a four piece. Nine foot six eight wt XP. Very good to excellent cond. slight soiling to cork. Probably one of the most desired steel sticks out there. Those who know, know this is not an easy rod to find. First 375$ takes it. Factory rod