1. A

    A quick question about The Yakima

    Set Đồ du lịch phương pháp chăm nom chân mày sau khi phun sẽ mang ảnh hưởng rất lớn tới kết quả sau cùng. - Bể cá thường dùng kính sở hữu độ dày là 12 ly. Người sở hữu nốt ruồi trước cổ thường là người không mấy may mắn, hay bị người khác hãm hại, gặp kẻ tiểu nhân. mọi lúc bạn sử dụng thuốc thì...
  2. Skip Enge

    NFR April ain't a fishing month

    Not for me anyway...it's deep wading into gardening It took 3 afternoons but transplanted my tomato starts into 4"... 5-7" tall and about 130 plants...2 are crosses I seem to be growing out...one at F5 another F1...Next up to transplant peppers...a LOT of peppers...hot and sweet...mostly...
  3. B

    FS Famous Streamer Flies - Kelly Gallup's and Mike Schmidt's

    Sold - Thank You. These 106 gorgeous (See Photos) Streamer Flies were all personally tied by renowned streamer fly tier and fly fisher Mike Schmidt, Owner of Anglers Choice Flies. For background information on Mike, simply Google “Mike Schmidt Streamer Flies”. When I lived in Northern...
  4. B

    FS "Stonedaddy" Flies Tied By Doug Ouellette

    SOLD - Thank You! Master Guide Doug Ouellette is a recipient of the coveted “Cal Bird Fly Tying Cup”, Owner of Truckee River Fly Fishing, and creator of the “Stonedaddy” fly. The Hall of Fame flyfisher Gary Borger gave the following high praise for Doug and his “Stonedaddy” fly, “Doug...
  5. B

    FS TU Donation for 1985 Fisher 9' 2 Weight Graphite Fly Rod

    I am offering this 1985 Fisher 9’ 2Wt graphite fly rod, in excellent condition with rod sock, for a $100 check made out to Trout Unlimited. Several years ago I bought this rod from a member of the Washington Fly Fishing Forum who lived in British Columbia and had built this rod in March 1985...
  6. wadin' boot

    Redfin Method of Beach Assessments Reveals a Cheap Mansion

    For a while now I have lurked on Redfin surfing beachfront properties only to see the prospects of what the beach might hold. Frankly I don't have the money or time to dump into a beach place, but the last three photos of each listing is what I am after. poor man's intel. Is there some structure...
  7. Jmills81

    HR 3144 is a joke

    Yo... if you fish and care about the Snake River and it's salmon and steelhead, time to get active to let your elected officials about CMR/Labrador/Newhouse/Herrera-Beutler's bill HR 3144 Currently the bill is in committee mark up and bound for a house vote in a couple weeks It's a gigantic...
  8. D

    Classified troubles and a thank you

    I have been reading about the issues with the classifieds ad. I am sorry to hear that there has been some trouble. Last month I sold a roll top desk to another WFF member who happened to be out of the area for awhile. He offered to send me the cash to hold the desk but I told him not to worry...
  9. PezVela

    Browns of a different color...

    This might be interesting for some of you guys/gals... Both of these brown trout were caught within hours of each other, in the same lake, in September a few years back. Both were females I think... although the "brown" fish may have been male.. (mating colors?) ...and pretty heavy into the...
  10. cms829

    Spey Grains for a 4116-4 Hydrogen spey?

    So I bit the bullet and picked up a 4 wt hydrogen spey after casting it at the shop yesterday. I think Im going to have a TON of fun with this thing. I bought a Skagit scout for it, however after getting home realized that they gave me a 360 grain. I know the rod says 300-325 grains for a...
  11. PezVela

    A good reason to fish more...!

  12. jfilip85

    A casual reminder

    I’ve been actively buying/ selling on this forum for 5 years now. Rods, lines, reels, clothes, you name it and as a bonus I’ve met some fantastic people in the process. I’ve had so many great experiences over the years that at some point, I began to let my guard down. Well, last week I finally...
  13. Nick Clayton

    FS A couple vises

    Got a couple vises I need to unload to raise funds First is an HMH Premium Tube vise. Just bought this for a buddy but he changed his mind. This vise is nearly new and comes with both the tube head as well as the standard HMH omni jaws so it will cover pretty much any tying. Changing jaws is...
  14. D

    A little help?

    How can I reply to an individual? What is a Pm and how do I do it? what do I do if I get a notification that someone read my post?
  15. Lymitliss

    6wt the perfect filler for me?

    Hey everyone. I'm a fairly new Fisher (less than a year) and an even newer fly fisher. I started with a Cabelas ready to fish setup in 5wt and once I started getting the hang of it, ended up buying a Sage Accel in 4wt and one in 8wt because they were such a good deal after being discontinued...
  16. Paul_

    A new must have for all Stillwater Anglers

    Thanks to @DannyW & @PETI I was able to partner up with YETI’ and introduce this new product. Introducing the YETI’ Portable Urinal- All WFF members are eligible to get the deluxe version (edges will be sanded to help avoid chaffing), not pictured here, at a reduced price.
  17. actionljackson

    Loading a Sage Method rod

    I am having trouble getting my Sage 7wt method to load on my back cast.This is a new rod with a much faster action than I have fished with before.I like the rod and think it is just going to take some getting used too.My question is what type of fly line should I put on this to make it a little...
  18. Adam Saarinen

    Went to have a look!

    Went to a place today to see if i could maybe get the float tube out on Monday? :rolleyes: Probably won't happen!?! :eek: Still a lot of ice! :p Every winter isn't like this, seen a couple winters where ice fisherman couldn't even get out at all in the South! Shouldn't be to long of a wait...
  19. b_illymac

    A crappy Eastern Washington Report

    I just couldn't find the motivation today to hit the water before noon. I mean the fishing in Eastern Washington is so bad it's hardly worth it as is...(I kid,I kid) I decided to go to a, "popular" gear lake. I just knew it would be crowded with hundreds of anglers having just opened a few...
  20. Jerry Daschofsky

    An explanation of what a Project Healing Waters program is. A lot of people have misconceptions

    I've met up with many people over the years through trade shows, donation pickups, or them volunteering to help. Very few people have volunteered behind the scenes or I should say at the core level of the program. So now I'm going to explain what it is we do. We are a fly tying organization...
  21. Lymitliss

    Been lurking for a while-Started fishing later in life than most

    I've been lurking on the forum for a handful of months now and thought I might make an official "New guy" post, since it looks like I'll be sticking around for a while. My name is Lucas, I'm a 28 year old Honda Master Technician currently living in Shoreline. It seems to me that the majority...
  22. Dave Witchey

    Wanted Looking for a cheap 10 wt and 11 wt Sage xi2 or similar??? 4 pc.

    Tarpon trip upcoming.... Would like to find a used xi2 or similar of each of these. Close to $ 200 each Thats why I dont mind long out of production models. Any one got one gathering dust ??? Thanks, Dave [email protected]
  23. Big Tuna

    FS WTT Hardy Zenith Sintrix 9' 5 weight for a 6 weight

    I just picked up a Radian and have too many 5 weights. My rod is in excellent condition and has probably been fished about a dozen times. $425 shipped conusa
  24. Art Milaca

    WTT or buy Sony A6000

    Looking for a Sony a6000 body or possibly with a lens. Being the horse trader that I am I have a couple of items that I would consider for trade. Beaver and seal fur mittens professionally made. Sterling silver mammoth tusk belt buckle and bracelet. Email me at [email protected]
  25. W

    An Hour and a Half of Frustration, 5 Mins. of Glory

    Many years ago when I still had some decent vision I built a 7 foot rod on a Fenwick blank. A nice 6 weight that I built while recovering from hernia surgery so I had a lot of time on my hands and consequently a lot of wraps, I think just over 50 in total. For a glass rod it feels a bit fast...
  26. F

    FS A Few Extra Fly Tying Materials and Accessories

    FS Spool Safe W/17 Spools of Mylar Tinsel, 19 Spools of Holograph Tinsel, 16 Spools of Giorgio Benecci Thread, and 18 Spools of Ultra Wire. A Total of 72 Spools. $85 A Jim Teeny Line Winder $35 An Oasis Double Dubbing Tower W/8 Boxes. $65 Sirman (Czech) Turbo Brush Spinner $30 Henry’s Fork...
  27. S

    FS FS an Early design of Burkheimer 8139-4 Vintage ( a heavier wt.7 rod)

    Burkheimer 8139-4 Vintage with a spare tip. The road was made in in 2013 and is more of a heavier wt.7. For example 480 gr or 450 gr 34’ Scandi floater + leader or 30-45 gr polyleader is perfect. Another option is Rio Scandi wt.7 body 370 gr + 90 gr wt. 7 tip. This rod has a similar taper to...
  28. Jim Wallace

    I see a balmy day approaching!

    Next Thursday looks like it should be a user-friendly day for an old scarecrow to hit a wetside lake, according to the weather forecast. Monday is maybe looking like decent surf fishing conditions here. And I'll probably try to fish next Saturday, since it will be the last chance to extract my...
  29. SaltyTippet

    Bonefishless.... a quick HI report

    My new favorite sport might actually be not catching bonefish. This is my second time on these windy flats and I am fishless once again but loving every minute of it for sure. I feel like I have it pretty dialed and I am seeing fish and making good casts but they are ghosts. Targeting reef fish...
  30. Woodman60

    NFR Anyone using a Garmin InReach Explorer?

    I spend a fair amount of time out of cel range and on my own. I've been thinking about some kind of personal locator or satellite communicator for a while. Let me know if you have firsthand experience to report.
  31. Greg Armstrong

    A short video - FE Thomas Rod Co

    I enjoyed this short video, maybe you will too... https://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=UU-Lg905pLwXqcAadIraS2dw&hl=en_US
  32. littlefly

    Wanted Looking for a rotary vise

    Looking for a rotary vise. If anyone has a vise sitting around collecting dust and interested in selling it please pm me with info and a picture of the vise. Thanks
  33. B


    On 22 March, at the Lacy Community Center, the WDFW/Tribal North of Falcon meeting is scheduled to occur. We have been getting a lot of interest through our social media for a "protest" gathering at the closed door meetings to draw attention to the lack of transparency in our fisheries...
  34. M

    Hazarding a fishing report

    Gonna give this a try since I sponge so much information off you guys...I figure I owe some kind of entertainment. Used a great guide yesterday and managed to hook into a small one which broke off rather quickly. My guide mentioned that I might want to 'tone down' the trout hook set a little...
  35. the_grube

    NFR: wife hit a deer today

    We moved to the greater Roseburg area last August, and knew it was just a matter of time before one of us rolled a deer. The county roads around here are crawling with blacktail. I was hoping it wouldn't be so soon, and that I'd be the culprit, not my wife... Good news is she's fine. The...
  36. M

    A little question about Missoula area

    Ngày này khi đời sống vật chất càng phát triển thì con người càng mong khám phá được các câu chuyện của tương lai. Đã có rất nhiều nghiên cứu chỉ ra rằng những diễn biến trong tương lai sẽ liên quan đến cuộc sống thực tại hoặc một số đặc điểm trên cơ thể của chúng ta. Đối với các chuyên gia...
  37. spfd jason

    FS Several Rods and a Reel

    Thinning the herd to help pay for some truck upgrades. All prices include paypal and shipping to CONUS. Each item is in great shape. Will send pictures upon request. Ross Reach 6126-4. Six weight 12’6” with divided factory tube. Super nice with a 420 Comp Skandi. Landed my first NU fish with...
  38. Nick Clayton

    Been a while.... Time for a report

    2018 has been extremely busy for me so far, and especially so the last couple of weeks. I have had so much stuff going on I just haven't got to fish a whole lot. I mean, I don't have it as bad as those Montana boys, as this was day number 19 on the water in 2018 by my count, but that's pretty...
  39. Fenceguy2

    asking for a lot

    so, as I am new to this saltwater flyfishing and doing some scouting via Google Earth, My question is......... what am I looking for? flats and steep dropoff? beach and steep dropoff? many thanks Fence
  40. Jim Darden

    NFR Maybe We Need a New Forum Category

    I note that once again, a third or more of the threads are NFR....maybe we need a new section to put these in so we can see more fishing related posts
  41. b_illymac

    A day at the Lake

    Some fries and apple juice and we hit the road:At the first opening in the reeds we watched a 21/22 incher swam by. Well this looks good Liam!Perfect place to run some cars over bumps and get muddy for mom: First fish:As day went on Liam got into it pretty well. Just gotta teach him to keep rod...
  42. Bromium

    Spey Line recommendation for a cheap rod

    Hi looking for some line advice as I have been gifted a cheap Maxcatch V switch if anyone has heard of it in an 11ft #6 by a non fly fishing buddy who received it as a gift himself. I'm pretty new to two handers and my experience is with a 13'6 #8 Spey so I'm hoping I can call on some forum...
  43. B

    Boats Looking for a new river boat

    I've been looking for a boat to start learning the local rivers(snohomish valley "region") but I'm not quite sure what direction to go. I have never boated rivers. When I lived in a warm water climate I had a 16' flats skiff, but that's my only boating experience. A few of the places I want to...
  44. bigtroutchaser

    R U using a burner/cauterizer?

    Any of you guys using a hand held pinpoint burning tool for head work, etc? Looking at various types trying to decide which one....
  45. Adam Saarinen

    A quick 20 minutes!

    Found this on YouTube, 2 German guys went to Iceland & the 20 minutes went fast! That place truly looks like heaven on earth!
  46. Steve Slater

    Rod Building Fixing a lousy taper on a bamboo rod

    I picked up a bamboo rod, second hand and sight-unseen, that came from a reasonably well known maker. Turns out that it's really poorly balanced, being very tip-heavy. Paid very little for it, so at least I haven't lost much. I spoke to the maker, and he said it was an experimental taper that...
  47. MRKbass

    Wanted Looking for a rifle stock. McMillan Edge, Brown precision, Bansners

    Long shot here, but I am looking for a stock from one of these makers that fits model 70 LA, post '64 for righty. If you have one you aren't using, I'm a buyer and would purchase immediately if it's what I'm after. Mcmillan Hunters edge Brown precision fiberglass w/ graphite, Kevlar Bansner for...
  48. Finny76

    Wanted Looking for a SAGE TCX

    Anyone got one if so please PM me! Thanks
  49. MountainTrout

    FS 3 old glass rods and a Riverbeast

    Cleaning out my rod quiver, time to let a few of these go to someone else! Scott F80/5 - $SOLD Early Scott San Francisco F80/5 Brown glass (8' 6wt, 5 pc), with the original 'Scott PowR-Ply San Francisco' aluminum tube and green sock. The serial # and color places it around '78-'81. The cork...
  50. Walter Spaulding

    T Nautilus FWX 5/6 and xtra spools for a nice 7wt reel

    What have you got ? Reel and spools are as new . Reel is black one extra spool is black the other is silver . an extra spool would be nice as well. Nautilus , Hatch , etc.