1. Doppelzug

    Wanted Abel Vaya 7/8 reel or spool

    WTB Abel Vaya 7/8 reel or spool, thanks for your offers. Best Dirk
  2. Finny76

    FS ABEL SUPER 11/12N (Black) Left Hand Retrieve

    I have a like new ABEL SUPER 11/12N (Set to LHR) spooled with backing. Asking $495obo.... Any questions, feel free to send me a PM! Thanks Fin
  3. Rizz

    FS Charlton 8450C 5/6 Spool

    Hello Fly Fishing community. I have a rare gem here up for sale. I'm the second owner of this reel and the only reason why I'm selling is because I have 2...With that said. I would give this reel a 8.9/10. It's in perfect shape cosmetically, HOWEVER this reel has a slight tic in the drag...
  4. D

    FS Reel cleanout

    Reel Cleanout Here is what I’ve got for reels: G Loomis Syncrotech reels (these reels are truly tanks with amazing drags) GL11-12-13 x2 ($200/ea)(like new) GL8-9-10 + 1 xtr spool ($300 with the extra spool)(like new) GL3-4-5 (heavily used and beat up but works great) ($125) Abel Reels: Big...
  5. D

    FS Abel Brown trout super 5n

    FS Abel Brown trout super 5n Was lined but I couldn’t find any noticeable marks or scratches on her. I’ll put a price tag of $600 shipped anywhere in the USA. I had this on trade but I just received some bad news so I’m going to need the cash. More items coming.
  6. dpt

    FS SOLD Abel Big Game #1 Reel

    I’m selling an Abel Big Game #1 reel for 6/7 weight in good condition. It has an unknown backing and line on it. I bought it last winter and sent it in to Abel to recondition it. I found out it was not really needed it but I was unfamiliar with Abels. It was an impulse buy and I really need a...
  7. A

    Wanted Abel big game 0/pt.5 or TR light/Tr1

    Looking to buy a an Abel big game 0 or .5 in Lh retrieve or a TR light or TR1. Also interested in Abel hemostats if someone has some sitting around collecting dust. Thanks call or text Austin at 228-382-two740
  8. redhotfishing

    FS NEW Sage, Orvis, and Abel gear for sale

    All rods are BRAND NEW never used All Orvis reels are BRAND NEW never used Abel reel is gently used All equipment located in Florida and can be shipped to your door. Please contact Kyle @ (352) 63four-400two if interested RODS 1: NEW Sage VXP 8"6' 4wt (486-4)/ $320 shipped 2: NEW Sage...
  9. BenRansonet

    FS Tibor Everglades Reel w/ extra spool

    Very nice Tibor Everglades reel and additional spool! Both spool and reel have lines on them(not sure of their brand or weights). Both have seen very little fishing and are in great shape. $550 and free shipping CONUS.
  10. G

    FS Great reels for any budget! :Hardy, Abel, Ross

    I have fee too many and would like to sale: 1. Ross Flyrise 2 (lines 4-6) . Great budget reel with SAME brake as original Evolution. SMOOTH!! I take it out few times, most likely cast in the park different lines. Minor marks on spool -visable on picture, minor! Price SOLD 2. ROSS RHYTHM 3...
  11. wwpool

    FS Sage, Orvis, Abel, Lamson and more spring sale

    1- Lamson guru 3 for sale $145 each plus shipping email [email protected] for info.
  12. Richard E

    FS Abel Super 7/8N, custom Atlantic Salmon finish

    Absolutely gorgeous reel, with every option. Yep, the drag knob is finished to match the reel. The spool handle was upgraded to metal (clear silver) to more closely match the reel finish. I even have an extra drag knob nut as a backup. Includes the factory box, cordura case, instructions...
  13. D

    Wanted Abel Grateful Dead Reel Sought

    Looking for either of the first two in the GD series reels (Steal Your Face & Dancing Bears).
  14. M

    FS Dennis Stone, Winston Graphite, and Abel #3

    Rod is the only item left. 3) Abel Big Game #3. Hard to find vintage solid spool face. Looks super classy on vintage glass or a two hander. I searched a long time to find this reel but am pursuing other interests right now. A couple scratches and minor rim rash. Price is $350 shipped Would...
  15. M

    FS Abel Super 6N Reel

    Sold Thanks, Mark
  16. B

    FS Abel TR3 Fly Reel + Spare Spool

    Abel TR3 Stealth Black(Guide Finish) Fly Reel with spare spool Both are new $525 CAD obo Box, pouches, warranty card and extra clicker wire included Located in Vancouver, B.C.
  17. T

    Wanted Abel Creek 2LA

    I got one, looking for another and am considering some on the big auction site. Rather do business here if there's something available that's wanting a new home. Thanks!
  18. mtflycaster

    FS Abel and Lamson Reels - thinning the herd

    I've got: 1. Abel Trout Light - As new. Not a mark on it. $210 shipped CONUS 2. Two Lamson Guru 1.5 Series I reels - both new and unfished. Each: $ 135 shipped, CONUS 3. Lamson LP 3 - Put backing on it, but unfished. Not a mark on it. As new. $135 shipped CONUS 4. Abel Creek 2 -...
  19. Steve Birrer

    FS Abel Super 10

    Have an Abel Super 10 in excellent condition. Two spots on the rim with very minor boat rash. Mechanically perfect and just relubed the gear and cork drag. Its currently set up for LH wind and has approximately 250 yards of Jerry Brown 80# backing. Double pawl and blue finish. $450 shipped to...
  20. wwpool

    Wanted Abel super n 3 or 4 Deyoung or trout print

    Want to buy a Abel 3 or 4 super n in a trout print prefer used.. PM or email [email protected] Thanks
  21. driftboatdan

    FS 4 Reels: Abel, Hardy, Lamson, Tioga

    Abel sealed drag saltwater or SDS 9/10 Black with blue drag knob and blue handle. 20lbs of smooth drag. New in Box $700 obo Tioga Teton 4 + Spare spool Limited edition grey. Used and scratched a bit, but in perfect working order. Older double taper 4wt line included and backing. $90.00 obo...
  22. arrow1347


    3N good cond. $350 obo
  23. spfd jason

    FS Abel Classic Spey

    Up for sale is this beautiful Abel Classic Spey in ported titanium finish. Purchased from Poppy last fall and fished a hand full of times. One tiny micro-scratch on solid side of reel. Other than that in perfect condition. Running line and shooting head not included. Asking $400 paypalled and...
  24. Finny76

    FS/T NEW - ABEL TR Light Handpainted Wild Trout for 0-3wt

    *** RE POSTING AGAIN *** I bought this reel last year but haven't had a chance to use it, so it is New in Box. This is the Limited Hand painted Wild Trout edition of the TR reel NOT the plain Jane ones. Would be open to selling OR trading it for a setup or rod of equal value. I believe they...
  25. Kolledog

    FS/T Abel Super 5 for Abel Super 4?

    Anyone want to trade a black Abel Super 5 (not 5N) for an Abel Super 4 (not 4N)? I'd prefer a black Super 4, but probably any color would be OK. Watchoo got? Thanks
  26. jdarling1991

    Wanted Abel SD 4/5 or 5/6 Reels

    Anybody have any Abel SD 4/5 or 5/6 reels they want to get rid of? Extra points if they're a custom finish. Thanks!
  27. seldom seen

    Wanted Abel Classic Spey

    This one's a bit of a unicorn, but I thought I'd put out a feeler. Looking for Abel Classic Spey with the solid spool. Cheers!
  28. HamidS4fe

    FS Abel Pt. 5 Solid Frame Reel

    Abel Pt. 5 Solid Frame Like New w/ Factory Pouch Wf4f/s Tip ** original owners name is engraved on reel ** SOLD
  29. Steve Birrer

    FS Abel Super 11

    FS - Abel Super 11 with 350+ yards of 65# braid backing and Abel reel pouch. Reel was my backup tarpon reel and has never been tested. Immaculate as new condition. $425 shipped CONUS firm.
  30. Steve Birrer

    Abel SDS Reels?

    Have any of you guys got to try one out yet or at least fondled it? They look sweet and I like the 20# of drag. PLEASE do not turn this into an Abel suck or such and such is better.....just looking for some input on this reel only. I posted this on another forum and the very first response...
  31. quilbilly

    FS Abel Travel Bag

    Holds 2 3 piece 9' rods in hard plastic tubes. 2 full length gear pockets with zippers, effective case for trips. Tough, durable case with about 7 trips worth of use. Additional pics available 125.00 f2f, or you pay actual shipping costs
  32. M

    FS NEW Abel Nipper PLUS new Abel Lanyard. BLACK

    Standard Black color. Untouched! Abel packed. 85+25 Retail. Yours for $89 shipped! Nippers: https://abelreels.com/products/fishing-tools/nipper.html Lanyard: https://abelreels.com/products/components/lanyards/abel-nipper-lanyard.html PM..
  33. M

    Wanted Abel Big Game 1 in guide finish

    Found one. Best contact [email protected]
  34. J

    Wanted Abel Reel/Spool

    Looking for an Abel 3N or Super 6 standard arbor spool with outgoing clicker. Will also consider entire reel.
  35. M

    FS Abel Big Game #3 (Solid Spool!)

    Very hard to find #3 with the super classy old solid spool. In great condition given it’s a 30+ year old reel, some scratches / dings on the frame but the spool is near perfect. It took me 7 years to find this reel - they literally never seem to come up for sale. Price is $400 PayPal shipped...
  36. Tim Ihle

    Wanted Abel BG 3...

    Anyone..Buehler...Buehler I’m still looking
  37. E

    FS Abel Super 14

    Reel is actually an Abel Super 13, not 14 I have a red super 13 abel reel i'd like to sell. Reel has been fished, but is very good condition. I have the original box, pouch, and an extra bottle of neats foot oil to go with it. Reel was serviced by abel for routine maintenance this winter and...
  38. HamidS4fe

    FS Abel Pt. 5 Spare Spool w/ Backing

    Abel Pt. 5 Spare Spool & Pouch Spooled with Backing /Bimini Loop Excellent condition $150
  39. J

    FS Abel Classic Spey Reel

    Abel Classic Series Spey reel in matte black color for sale. This reel is brand new and comes with pouch, box, blank warranty card and all paperwork. SOLD
  40. arrow1347

    FS abel # 2 & lamson # 4 flt reels

    1- abel # 2 , very good cond. $400 obo with shark skin line w/f 7 /with sink tip. 2- lamson #4 velocily , hard alox , good cond , small ding on rim , no problem w/new mono line. $325 obo
  41. HamidS4fe

    FS Abel No. 1 Ported

    Abel No. 1 Ported Excellent condition WF6F Line / Backing Factory Pouch $320 shipped
  42. kinigit

    FS Closet Cleaning- Abel Reels, Tibor Spool, Ross Reel, Colton Spool, Orvis Rod, etc.

    I have a lot more than I'm fishing. Time to move some. All prices are shipped in the lower 48. No lines included, but shown backing is included. I'll get missing pics up tomorrow. 1- Abel Big Game 4 with a spare spool. Good condition with a little rash. Reversible retrieve. Comes with cases...
  43. sakana

    FS Abel Pt. 5 Big Game Reel

    I have an Abel Pt. 5 Reel for SOLD. These are bulletproof reels. • 5 weight line included • Abel pouch included • Guide finish • LHW • Great condition with some rim rash
  44. M

    FS Filson Mesh Vest, Abel Reel Brief, and Orvis Battenkill Case

    A few items I am cleaning out of my closet: 1) Filson Mesh Vest - I just received this but decided I am not a vest guy. Size is medium but fits closer to a large. It appears this is from the outlet based on the tag, but the only thing I could find awry is the center snap seems to be backwards...
  45. M

    Abel no. 0 reel 4006 - Vancouver WA

    Anyone missing a black Abel no. 0 reel 4006? Had an interaction with a guy on offerup for a reel that was less than pleasant after I said it looks really worn and that I'll pass. And it dawned on me that it may be stolen. He's located in Vancouver wa / ridgefield wa
  46. Bowbonehead

    Wanted Non-Ported Abel TR Light

    Wondering if anyone has one they would sell or trade
  47. scottybs

    FS/T Abel Creek 2

    Looking to trade my Abel AC2 large arbor in deep green for Abel TR2 in deep green or trout graphic. It is in like new condition. Included will be original box, pouch, and backing. If no trade $300 to your door
  48. J

    FS Abel No.4/Super 10 with Spare Spool

    Looking to sell a near mint condition Abel No.4 with full cage frame (perfect for mono running lines). The reel comes with two different spools: one regular arbor No.4 spool and one large arbor Super 10 spool. This is a late model reel with both out and incoming clicks and teardrop shaped...
  49. P

    Wanted Abel Big Game 4 & 4.5N spool

    Hello, I am looking for Abel Big Game 4 and 4.5N spools. Let me know if you have any available. Thanks!
  50. Tim Ihle

    Wanted Abel Big Game #3..

    I am looking for a late model BG 3. Ideally it would be gloss black , ported, in and out clicker, and be in mint condition. If you have one that your thinking of selling please end me a note. Cheers, Tim