1. Flyfishinwrangler

    1st time beach fishing advice wanted

    I'm going to give beach fishing for sea runs a try for 1st time. I've read some different articles and parts of books... been to fly shops to buy flies and get advice. Not looking for secrets, just some basic rules or knowledge I should be aware of before setting out. Thanks in advance for any...
  2. Rob Hardman

    Camping advice needed

    Hey all, Trying to do some lake tent camping the weekend of April 14th, but all our normal spots are still frozen or too much snow. Been trying to find a good low elevation lake with good camping and am striking out. Cranberry is an option, but the campsites aren't right on the water and...
  3. ryan2202

    Fly Fishing and Camping at the Lake - Looking for Advice

    Every year, My dad, Brother, and family friend all go fishing on the east side around the opener. We usually fish Lenice and/or Nunnally, making a weekend out of it. A fews back, we all got travel trailers - makes the stay a little more comfortable. We want to find a quality fly fishing lake...

    Advice on 6 weight switch rod

    I have a g Loomis 11 foot 6 weight switch rod. What is better to throw a scandi line or Skagit line? This will be my trout rod and pink salmon rod. Most of the water I will be fishing is less than 5 feet deep. I will be throwing small woolie buggers and other small streamers. I was considering...
  5. Poff

    Alaska fly fishing location advice

    I’ve been taking university/community groups to Missoula, MT 1-2 times a year since 2012. I love the location because there are several awesome rivers that our outfitter (Missourian Angler) can access. We stay in a downtown hotel and are walking distance to lots of great local restaurants. It’s...
  6. Ryan Janos

    Vise Advice

    I've been tying for a year or so and I'm ready to upgrade from my $20 junk vise. I'm hoping a few of you more experienced tyers can help me understand the upside/downside of getting a Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise ($90) versus say, the Peak Rotary or Renzetti Traveler ($150ish). Obviously I'd like...

    3 tand reel need feedback or other reel

    Anyone out there used the 3 Tand TF 70 reel? I was fishing with an 10 foot 7 weight rod 4 oz. for steelhead. I had a Hatch 7 plus reel on it weight about 8.4 ounces The Hatch reel don't balance well on a 4 ounce rod.. After a day of casting it was to heavy. The 3 Tand TF 70 weights half the...
  8. S

    Wenatchee advice

    Hello, looks like I may be moving to Wenatchee within the next year. I am an avid saltwater fisher and have only fished freshwater a few times on lakes for large mouth. I got into fly fishing very recently and I am still learning. I am used to catching speckled trout and red drum from a kayak or...

    Need tippet advice

    I was recently fishing for king salmon . I was using 17 pound leader and 4 foot of 12 pound tippet. The salmon were breaking the line Does anyone make a flurocarbon line with the diameter of 12 pound in a heavier weight line?
  10. SeattleFarq

    Advice for Boston-area Stripahs

    I'll be shipping up to Boston next April for my sister's law school graduation and I'm hoping to do a little fishing while I'm there. One of my all-time favorite memories from growing up back there is gear fishing for stripers off a jetty with my dad and a good friend of his who has since passed...
  11. Woodman60

    Need Puget Sound SRC Advice

    Hey all, I've got a business trip to PDX coming up in two weeks with a couple of days to fish prior (Nov 5 -6). I had originally thought about driving over to Maupin, but it seems like I can be at the southern end of the Puget Sound in similar time, and I'd really like to fish for SRC's. Any...
  12. nwtroutguy

    Christmas Island Advice

    All, Thinking about a trip to Xmas Island next year. Trying to find info on it, but also looking for a little insight that maybe someone has learned when they went there. Tips etc. Thanks in advance.
  13. Woodman60

    Need some Portland Advice

    I've got a business trip to Portland in early November with a day (or two hopefully) free to fish. What should I plan on within 1 or 1-1/2 hours of Portland? Location and gear advice, guide recommendations, any other info appreciated.
  14. Big Tuna

    Flying Advice

    I'm flying up to Terrace at the end of the month for a week of fishing for steelhead. I've never packed for a fly fishing trip via airline. Any suggestions/tips that could make things easier? I plan on buying a travel tube for my spey rods and figured I'd take my reels in my carry on, but...
  15. Alosa

    Advice for Kalispell area in late September please

    I'll be in the Kalispell area for a couple of days in late September. I'm looking for advice about what river I should consider for trout. I'm leaning towards the Middle Fork of the Flathead but I'm not sure how far upstream one needs to go to find good water for walking/wading (above Nyack...
  16. P-FITZ98

    Seeking Montana advice

    So, my young employee is getting married this weekend and spending next week in paradise valley on the Yellowstone river for his honeymoon. He is lightly experienced in fly fishing and I got him a decent 6wt outfit from Cabelas, but want to send him with a box of bugs. Not sure how much fishing...
  17. S

    Winston Micro 4 wt spey scandi advice

    Got rod , been poking around for solid line advice scandi Here's what I got Spey lite 270-300 Scandi body 300 Buella scandi switch 300 Airflo compact scandi 300-330 Took one swing on buella ,27ft , went in middle 300 Could only grass cast , could live with it , but didn't go wow ! Didn't...
  18. jwg

    Camera vendors new and used - Advice?

    Curious about member experiences: right now 42nd St PHOTO is aggressively pushing ads to me (no doubt due to my browsing research and shopping) and their prices are marked down more than B&H or Adorama. Any reason to avoid 42nd St PHOTO? GetOlympus has markdowns on Olympus cameras. B&H and...
  19. S

    Advice needed:St. Joe float and fish

    I'm planning a family trip out to the St. Joe (assuming it's good) to camp with my wife and boys. Bringing the clacka craft and wanting to float and fish as well. Anyone experience over there that can help dial me in with camping areas, put ins and take outs and fishing it? Feel free to pm me...
  20. S

    Need Drift Boat Rowing Tips and Advice

    Newer to drift boating but have run plenty of rivers in a 10ft pontoon. Much seems to be the same but slower in the drifter (start earlier). I have a 16' Clackacraft FFB with 9'6" MXS-G Sawyer Oars (Dynalite Wide blades). I'm familiar with the basics (ferrying, point the bow at the bad stuff...
  21. Hiouchibear

    Advice re Spey line for single handed rod

    I've been away from the Fly Fishing forum for awhile. I am getting back into expanding the flyfishing techniques that I use. I know there are Spey style lines that are specifically designed for single-handed rods. I enjoy and often times prefer my single handed rods although I have several spey...
  22. WisconsinDriftless

    Wisconsin Intruder looking for advice

    Hey all, So i am from Wisconsin and i will be traveling to Richland Washington middle of august to visit my brother. I am an avid trout fly fisher in the Wisconsin Driftless region, i have never fly fished anywhere else. In wisconsin we mostly catch 10"-18" Brown Trout, with the ocassional...
  23. fisharmy

    Africa or Europe saltwater flyfishing--- ADVICE

    I will have a few days to burn in the next couple of months. I can either go to an African destination (I'm deployed somewhere in Africa) or to Europe to flyfish. I am not looking to target trout in Europe; maybe Atlantic salmon, if I have to. My preference would be warm saltwater species like...
  24. S

    Mountain lake advice needed

    I usually make it out once a year for a backpacking/fly fishing trip and would like to find something closer to Spokane than the Bitterroot wilderness I usually go to. Does anybody have any suggestions for a Washington or Idaho lake to hike into, preferably under about 10 miles? Not picky...
  25. W

    Need advice for SRC

    Hello my name is Wil and I'm new to this forum, been interested in fly fishing and I am planning on getting gear pretty soon. I've been mostly been catching some SRC with spinning gear on spoons and spinners and only found one spot close to where I live. I'm pretty close to dash point so I've...
  26. c-dawg

    Destination advice needed

    My son and daughter-in-law from Utah will be here for Memorial Day weekend and they want to do some fishing. I recently built them matching 7'6" 3wt rods, so I'm thinking that's what they'll pack along. So I'm looking for advice on some small stream that we could wade and fish. The Deschutes...
  27. T

    First time June visitor asking for river advice

    A fly-fishing couple will visit the region early June. Like to fish rivers for trout, steehead, rainbow or whatever takes flies. Any advise on where to go. Preferably Olympic peninsula or coastal waters. Cascade rivers also of interst. We are considering one guided day and one on our own so bank...
  28. LCnSac

    Nymphing Rod Advice

    I recently did a three day float on the San Juan, second river trip nymphing only in probably 15 years. I used my Swift Epic 580 glass rod, and it cast junk great and handled the fish fine, but just because of the length it did give me some mending and hook setting challenges when the indicator...
  29. B

    Santa Cruz, Ca advice needed

    Going to be in Santa Cruz for the week of Memorial Day. Was wondering if anyone has fished any of the beaches or inlets and can offer any advice. I will probably only be able to fish for a few hours early mornings. Any info would be appreciated.
  30. JudyG

    Fish finder advice

    I picked up a used 8' pram and got a small electric motor for it. Now I'm looking for recommendations on what kind of fish finder would work best. Thanks
  31. Sagebrush

    Could use some Printing advice

    My old Epson printer bit the dust, and so after some research bought a Canon MG7720. It looked like it would be a decent home printer with pretty good photo printing capability. Now keep in mind I know next to nothing about photography, and these days do most of mine off of a Samsung 6 or...
  32. Tim Ihle

    Missouri River Near Craig: Advice Needed

    Hey there, I thought someone might know of a good place to camp near Craig, MT for a trout trip. I would need running water and showers. TIA
  33. J

    Advice For Kauai?

    Hello everyone, I hardly ever post, because I'm mainly just absorbing as much fly fishing knowledge as possible. That being said, I've been graced with a trip to Kauai and I'm looking for some advice. What should I bring? Where should I go? Should I get a guide? If so, who should I hire? Any...
  34. Jordan M

    Line Advice For Loomis Glx #8 Switch Rod

    this is my first post. i am Barrowing a switch rod from a friend for my first season Steelhead fishing. his set up has a Skagit set up on it which is super fun trying to learn how to cast. I'm going to keep this set up on his reel for when i graduate to swinging for them but in the meantime I've...
  35. Augy

    Purdy Bridge Advice Needed

    Need some advice for Purdy bridge. Is low or high tide preferred? And is incoming or outgoing better? I think I may have this backwards but I believe Jacob at GHFS told me to fish behind the restaurant for outgoing and fish the spit side for incoming. Could someone please confirm if this is...
  36. freestoneangler

    New Truck Advice

    I did not NFR this thread as it is very much associated with fishing. I want a new full size truck... talk me into the right one. Looking to upgrade my 2006, 2500 CTD for a newer one that has a few more features; namely integral exhaust brake and heated seats. We will use it for a truck...
  37. N

    Advice For An Utter Newbie?

    Hello Everyone! This is my first post here, I'm hoping all you wonderful people would be willing to share some advice for me. My wife and I are going steelhead fishing the weekend of the 18th right outside Index, WA on the Skykomish North Fork and Skykomish proper. See attached picture for...
  38. c-dawg

    Introduction And Request For Src Advice

    I used to fly fish exclusively in the late '70s through the '80s in Washington and Oregon. I was one of those elitist snobs that looked poorly on gear fisherman back then. In the early '80s, Uncle Sam sent me on a 20 year sightseeing tour around the world, and for the first half I was afforded...
  39. D

    Help: Advice On Skagit Type Setup For Following Rod; 10' 6wt, Ern 6.49, Aa 72

    hello good sirs and possible misses, i built the rod in question and did not like it as a single hander; required too much effort vs. my 8'6" to cast similar distance with dry flies. instead of selling it i am now considering rebuilding the butt piece for a two handed type setup for large...
  40. Woodman60

    Visiting Angler needs advice

    Hi all, I have frequented this board in the past, but mostly for buying and selling on the classifieds. As a northern Californian, I have not had the pleasure of fishing your great state...yet. Now I've got a dilemma. I will be in Seattle on business in mid August, with 1-1/2 or 2 days to...
  41. Cam

    Do You Like It Hard or Round?

    Ready to pull the trigger on my first grown up flotation device. I do like a hard boat, but the guys I know who own drift boat by and large say if they had it to do over again they'd look way more into getting a roundboat with a sweet frame. Price capped around $5k which gives me about even...