1. cabezon

    NFR Interesting article on Bitcoin mining and Central WA

    Hi folks, I ran across a very interesting article on the explosive growth of bitcoin mining operations in Wenatchee and other basin areas ["This is what happens when bitcoin miners take over your town"]. Like the big server farms for Microsoft and Amazon, bitcoin miners are attracted by the...
  2. SilverFly

    Interesting article on evolution and ecology

    Seems to me this could have previously unrecognized implications with many of our fish conservation issues. How Warp Speed Evolution is Transforming Ecology
  3. SalishSeaAngler

    Leland article in The Fly Fisherman...

    FYI in case Leland @miyawaki has not yet posted here. Above link is on Instagram (but you can see even if you do not have an account) about "Crown Jewel of Puget Sound" article. Not sure if it's the January edition (??) @Leland
  4. silvercreek

    Article on Thomas Whiting and Whiting Farms

    Found this on another BB:
  5. Dave Westburg

    Article on Sea Run Cutthroats

    Wrote an article for The Wading List Titled Coastal Cutthroat in Salt Water. Enjoy. Here's one of the pictures from the article. This epitomizes salt water coastal cutthroat fishing for me. A drizzly day. A wide open beach. A fish at the end of the line.
  6. seattlee

    Authoritative article on SRC fishing

    Spoiler: PNP is a good spot for SRC, lol
  7. Nick Clayton

    Bull Trout Article

    Am I blind or has the articles section disappeared from the forum? I seem to recall an in depth article discussing the difference between bulls and dolly varden but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone know if this is still around some place?
  8. K

    Ny Times Article On River Ecology In The West

    Really good article on river ecology in the NY Times. We need more of this type of information, especially considering the crowd that is now taking over in Washington...
  9. cabezon

    Interesting Article On Billfish (and Tuna Too)

    I ran across this article in the BBC web site [the original url that was here is wrong. I have corrected it below] that describes some of the physiological and morphological adaptations of billfish and tuna that are key to their biology. In particular, the article debunks some of the more...
  10. Erik F. Helm

    An Article About Bamboo Fly Rods And Graphite Together. Symbiosis And Grace. Enjoy! I hope! With a scotch or a glass of claret!
  11. Z

    Dusty Lake Article In Nw Flyfishing

    Congrats Starman77. I see your "fishing notes" have hit the big time.
  12. J

    Pattern A good article on tying and using a single fly pattern

    I've been intrigued over the years with anglers who carry only a few patterns in their fly boxes/wallets, compared to the myriad of flies I typically carry. I'm gonna give this article some serious thought:
  13. Buzzy

    Article The Stalker

    THE STALKER As a stalker I am obsessed, studious, patient, my movements light and fluid; QUIET and I’m determined, relentless, stealthy, aggressive, and confident. Now that I’m retired I will have more time to develop and fine tune, even finesse my stalking capabilities. And it is my good...
  14. A

    Article Fly fishing for trout in the UK and the USA, a comparison

    Introduction The purpose of this article is to help fishers who want to try fishing waters in a different country with some information on the differences encountered. In the UK I have published it on my blog. To keep the article to a reasonable length I am only covering trout fishing and I...
  15. A

    Article Avoiding Broken Rods!

    I am based in the London, UK area but I visit WA at least once a year to see granchildren, last year I managed over a month fly fishing in wonderful Washington. Fishers on this site have been helpful in getting me into some super fishing so by way of saying thank you I would like to share an...
  16. S

    Article A Skagit Bull Trout Bio

    Spring is still several months away in a North Cascade stream valley; the evergreen tree’s limbs are sagging under a load of snow and the forest floor and stream gravel bars have a "virginal" white blank of snow. Several miles of this ice rimmed stream flows through a relatively flat valley...
  17. L

    Article A North Yellowstone Fly Fishing Primer

    Most of the press written about the north end of Yellowstone Park concerns the fine dry-fly rivers in the Parks northeast corner. These creeks and rivers in the Lamar drainage are at their best in late July and August, and every word written about them is justified. The lack of attention paid to...
  18. Steve Buckner

    Article Fly Fishing Katmai National Park

    Fly Fishing Katmai National Park By Steve Buckner The Northwest Fly Fisherman It was 4:00 a.m. on the morning of the summer solstice and I was booked on a flight from Sea-Tac International Airport just outside of Seattle to Anchorage. The sun would not be setting that evening in Alaska until...
  19. speyman

    Article Spey Fly Fishing - Demystifying The Two Handed Rod

    Having spent over 15 years plying the rivers of the world with the two handed rod it became necessary to learn to teach the art and teach it well. Every where I went folks wanted to know what that rod was and how to use one. More and more folks were buying equipment and flailing away but there...
  20. worldanglr

    Article Advanced Nymph Techniques

    Key Point 1: Depth Control Depth control is one of the most important keys to success in catching trout with nymphs. If your not touching bottom, your not deep enough. I build my nymph leaders with about 50 % 30 pound test, and then step down frrom there to 20, 13, 3x, 5x, 6x etc. When your...
  21. W

    Article Carp Fly Fishing

    Carp Fly Fishing Article by Keith Meyers There are few things that can make my heart pound and my hands shake like the sight of a big carp cruising in shallow water. No other game fish here in the northwest offers such a unique fly-fishing experience, one requiring stealth, patience and...
  22. G

    Article Fly Fishing The Salt For Searun Cutthroat Trout

    Fly Fishing the Salt for Searun Cutthroat Trout Article by Greg Tims Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout in Puget Sound are all wild fish. In 1998 the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission gave Sea-Run Cutts catch-and-release protection in all Washington marine waters. If you fish for them, please use...
  23. S

    Article Stillwater Fly Fishing - Fly Design and Presentation

    Stillwater Fly Fishing: Article by Tyler Laurenti Having a Game Plan / Fly Design and Presentation Fly Design and Presentation In the last article, Having a Game Plan, we covered the basics of lake structure. In this article, were going to get some insight into what is necessary to make your...
  24. S

    Article Stillwater Fly Fishing - Having a Game Plan

    Stillwater Fly Fishing: Article by Tyler Laurenti Having a Game Plan / Fly Design and Presentation Having a Game Plan If I were to make a guess, I’d say that about 80% of fly-fishers are attracted to running water. Of that 80%, I would be willing to venture that half of that 80% fish running...
  25. Steve Buckner

    Article Fly Fishing For Coho Salmon - Mining For Silver

    Fly Fishing for Coho Salmon - Mining for Silver Article by Steve Buckner - The Northwest Fly Fisherman It was a typical fall morning in early September. The first of the fall freshets had risen the rivers slightly and my hopes were high that fresh Steelhead had moved into my favorite local...
  26. Steve Buckner

    Article Fly Fishing Steelhead

    Fly Fishing Steelhead Article by Steve Buckner - The Northwest Fly Fisherman Steelhead holding water - A look at the variables. Although we may never understand all of the variables that attract a steelhead to a given section of water, and ultimately what leads to a successful hook-up, the...
  27. Zen Piscator

    Article Steelhead Nymphing Strategies

    Steelhead Nymphing Strategies By Andy Simon and Mike Davidchik Nymphing is a fun and effective way to take steelhead under many different conditions. Knowing how to nymph effectively will open up water to a fisherman that they have never been able to cover before. While we know that mature...
  28. R

    Article Strategies-techniques To Catch Sea-run Cutthroat With Top Water Sand Lance Patterns

    I have been fishing and developing top water sand lance patterns for over ten years and have finally "dialed in" on how to consistently have excellent success catching sea-run cutthroat particularly large ones(+16-17") with top water sand lance patterns. I am 73 years old and would like to pass...
  29. Steve Buckner

    Article Fly Fishing For American Shad On The Columbia River

    Fly Fishing for American Shad on the Columbia River Article by Steve Buckner - The Northwest Fly Fisherman If you're looking to hook into a number of hard fighting fish, it is hard to beat fly fishing for American Shad. On the West coast, the American Shad, Alosa sapidissima is usually referred...
  30. J

    Article Yakima River Fly Fishing

    Yakima River Fly Fishing - A River of All Seasons Article by Jack Mitchell - The Evening Hatch Guide Service A success story it has been and lets hope it continues. It is the jewel right in our back yard. It is a river for all seasons; The Yakima. Scaling from the forested East slope of the...
  31. CaddisMadness

    Article Fly Fishing Argentina & Patagonia

    Fly Fishing Argentina & Patagonia By Barrett Mattison & Evan Jones of Argentina, the world’s 8th largest country, encompasses more than 1 million square miles at the southern end of the South American continent (about 1/3 the size of the US). It extends from the Tropic of...
  32. Ed Call

    Article Getting Started: I’m New To Fly Fishing – Now What?

    Background Information – Not long ago I was new to fly fishing myself. It seemed like the thing to get into when I relocated to the Pacific Northwest. I had no clue what to do, not that I know much more now. I started out with a 5wt rod, reel and line combo with a starter video on casting...