1. SquatchinSince86

    Echo Bad Ass Glass Quickshot?

    Anyone fish this? I am looking for a new to me beach rod. This one looks pretty slick for fiberglass. Just curious about peoples real-world opinion. The price is right around my budget. Is my money better off with something else? I...
  2. J

    Breathable waders leaking

    I'm using a cheap set of waders ( Redington Crosswater )( in a float tube) that, after a couple of months, are leaving me with a wet behind. So I pumped them up and used soapy water to find that the seam was bubbling. I used Aqua Seal on the seam.. no more bubbles but still get a wet behind...
  3. White dudes can't jump

    White dudes can't jump

    US Divers stick together. A leap of faith into the blue hole by some white-ass-mofos. Photo Cred: Earl Harper
  4. Nooker


    There's no nookie like Chinookie and yes, I caught this on my 8 wt., jackoffs
  5. Pungo Trout

    Pungo Trout

    Just some Alaskan porn for y'all
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