1. W

    Anyone good at tying Hollow Fleyes?

    I've got a trip down to Baja coming up in June and I'm struggling with tying up a bunch of Popovic's hollow fleyes in time. I wanted to ask if anyone here would be interested in tying some up for me? I've already tied up a bunch of other patterns that worked for me last time but work has me...
  2. BDD

    Terrible News at NW Fly Fishing Magazine

    I just don't know what to say...except my sincere condolences to Jon's family and friends.
  3. Troutlife

    My first attempts at fly tying

    My first two tries at fly tying... any suggestions on how to make a start bettering my technique? The olive started as a wooly bugger and then I misjudged the marabou and the pink is just me messing around-on that one I know that I should have cut the Maribou farther up so it would be bushier
  4. b_illymac

    A day at the Lake

    Some fries and apple juice and we hit the road:At the first opening in the reeds we watched a 21/22 incher swam by. Well this looks good Liam!Perfect place to run some cars over bumps and get muddy for mom: First fish:As day went on Liam got into it pretty well. Just gotta teach him to keep rod...
  5. Adam Saarinen

    Look at my butt!

    I smoke a lot & was guilty of throwing my butts in the water cos' that's what everyone else was doing! Used to fish a fishery far up river a lot in the summers for stocked rainbows & chub, chub even take the dryfly & the takes are slow motion! Anyway one day at the carpark i noticed a insane...
  6. chris stiemert

    Lost control at the fly show

    Officially lost control today, thanks to Bill Keough
  7. triploidjunkie

    Don't steal Tony Pro's patterns:)

    Tony Pro is back, and its hilarious!! It's on a private fly tying group on Facebook, so I screenshotted the original post. I'll try to link his YouTube meltdown before he removes it. This is epic!
  8. duggiefresh

    Help feed salmon at Carkeek Park with the Carkeek Watershed

    Just saw this, and it sounds like fun. Once my schedule starts leveling out, I plan on volunteering.
  9. Mems

    big sale at tackle direct

    Aloha Guys, big sale now at tackle direct. They have fly gear and conventional gear as well. If you are not a member you can sign up and become one no cost. Simms, G-loomis, Sage, Cheeky, TFO all on sale now. Mems.
  10. Tacoma Red

    NFR So who killed JFK and where were you at the time?

    Do you think LHO acted alone? Grassy Knowl? Mafia, Cuba, LBJ, HW Bush?
  11. Thiago - Brazil

    I attended the AFFTA Dealer Summit at Bozeman, MT.

    It was a fantastic workshop, the people that work at AFFTA did an excelent job, lots of valuable information for any fly shop owner and managers.

    Look at these monster brown trout

    Both were caught in the Oak Orchard River Ny with fly rods
  13. Ian Horning

    Why do trout suck at hitting topwater?

    Not "dry flies" like we are all used to, although I could argue that in some cases them too. I'm talking sliders, poppers, wakers, and any other form of "aggressive topwater." I look at forums, especially saltwater, and see "hook up ratio of 40%" and the like, which seems pretty good from...
  14. D

    NFR Orvis shirts and vests being sold at Costco

    Interesting to see some Orvis clothes being sold at Costco. Both under $20
  15. F

    Fish in yet at the Snohomish River?

    Anyone know if pinks are in yet at the Snohomish River?
  16. Troutnut

    Small-stream westslope cutt movement & activity at this time of year?

    I had an interesting experience yesterday evening (July 31st) fishing a very small stream on the east slope of the Cascades above 3,000 feet. When I was there for the first time eight days earlier, I was catching a pretty little westslope cutt (or five) in every likely-looking pool and pocket...
  17. Porter

    New Scott G, Bartschi at it

    again, ......Simply the G, revisiting an old rod with new technology.
  18. Scout172

    FS Custom Abel Super 7/8N at a Fair Price!

    Abel Super 7/8N with a custom Peacock Bass finish. I've enjoyed this reel for several years but I'm ready to move on. It has a solid frame and a zebrawood handle. It works like new and looks nearly new! It comes with a box and Abel reel pouch. Right now it's set up for a left-hand retrieve and...
  19. kanaskatbandit

    Bought a Winston rod at garage sale, any thoughts on these rods?

    I recently purchased a Winston fly rod at a garage sale for 20 bucks and was wondering if these rods are any good? It's a Winston 8147 6 weight and says it's made in Montana. Any info would be appreciated!
  20. Shawn West

    Deer hair tying demo at The Dalles

    For those interested, I will be doing a deer hair bass bug tying demo at Fly Fishing Strategies Fly Shop in The Dalles this upcoming Saturday (5/13) from 10am to 1pm. The address is: 109 East 2nd Street The Dalles, Oregon 97058 Regards Shawn
  21. mcoomer

    Wow! I stink at casting!

    Put a spool of SA Amplitude MPX on the reel and lawn cast the new Helios 2 yesterday. I had a terrible time casting with this new rod. My old rod was mid-flex, where this one is tip flex. Didn't think it would be that different but it certainly was. First, I was trying to pickup too much...
  22. winknot

    FS Older Rods At Value

    St. CROIX 9100 -3 Ultra Legend Condition 9/10 Tube/dividers $150 +shipping SAGE 1096-2 GFL Condition 7/10 Sock (no tube) $100 + shipping Payment by PayPal within 48 hours of commitment (Not available to ship out of country) Photos gladly by request 509.999.9474 Michael Last edited: 3 minutes ago
  23. winknot

    Older Rods At Value

    Please refer to CLASSIFIEDS
  24. Mrs. G

    FS 3 Scott Rods For Sale At Gig Harbor Fly Shop Ebay Store

    3 Scott Rods for Sale at Gig Harbor Fly Shop Ebay Store Scott L2H 12'6" 7wt Spey Rod for Steelhead and Salmon Scott T3H 13'6" 7wt Spey Rod for Steelhead and Salmon Scott A4 9'0" 5wt Fly Fishing Rod for trout Auction ends...
  25. Shawn West

    Shawn West To Tie At Lynnwood Show Sunday

    I had planned on attending the Lynnwood show tomorrow. A friend of mine just called and asked if I wanted to tie at the show. It appears there were a few cancellations. With that being said, I am going to start packing my tying gear for the show. My plan is to tie deer hair poppers. I will be...
  26. Trapper Peak

    Wild Steelhead Being Sold At Freshy's On Mi

    Give em a call and have the conversation:) 206.232.3028
  27. Josh

    Popper Made From Random Junk At A Conference...

    I don't tie much, but I thought this was worth sharing. Here's a crazy popper I tied out of things I could find on the "supplies" table at my work's "all company" conference. Earplug, pepto bismal wrapper, advil wrapper, candy wrapper. Rubber legs from the hotel bathroom shower cap.
  28. H

    Newbie Salmon Question - Do They Stop At The Hatchery Or Keep Going?

    So if you're fishing a hatchery stream, do the hatchery fish basically stop at the hatchery?
  29. Fillbachd

    Fishing at Hyas Lake

    The wife and I have the day off tomorrow and wanted to take a short hike. Decided on Hyas Lake. Has anyone fished up there before? Looking for suggestions on what flies to use. I've always had success with caddis and other small fry flies on the creek leading up to the lakes but not sure if they...
  30. CampSiteHole


  31. Morning at Leech Lake

    Morning at Leech Lake