1. NickTIG

    Lost 4 runner key at high bridge parking lot

    Lost my shuttle key for my 4 runner at the top parking lot at high bridge (big eddy) on the sky. Let me know if anybody finds it! It’s a single gray Toyota key!
  2. R

    lost fly box at Lk Lenise 11/11/17

    Lost a small plastic fly box at Lk Lenise, I think walking out?
  3. TheAngler

    Lost black Spyder folding knife at beach in Area 10...

    I would state the beach but I don't want to get accused of "hot spotting". :) Thanks, Benjamin
  4. L

    Lost at Lost Lake Thurston County

    I believe I left a Cabelas gear bag at Lost lake Thurston county. Several fly reelas and a Sony camera. Reels are Cabelas Prestige with intermediate line and floating . Hoping someone found them. And several fly boxes of flies.
  5. Mark Mercer

    Left my force fins at Cady Lk.

    Long shot..... but I drove off and left my FF at Cady about a week and half ago, would really like to get em back. They were leaning against the bench. I can describe them, they're a little different. Things like this seem to happen more often now that I'm a old fart ! Thanks, Mark
  6. Tim Lockhart


  7. A

    Found fly box at Squalicum lake parking lot

    Found a fly box today at the parking area for squalicum lake.
  8. Tim Morrison

    Mercedes Key At Cottonwood On The Hoh.

    Found a Mercedes key/fob at cottonwood Creek boat ramp on the hoh river.
  9. Jim Speaker

    Lost At Lenice On 3/1 - Gopro 3 On A Chest Mount

    Hey guys. I know that a good number of the folks that were out at Lenice yesterday for the opener are forums members. So, I'm really hoping here: I lost my GoPro. I'm pretty sure I dropped it near the launch under the trees - the right hand one - where it looked like a dry docked fleet...
  10. R

    Flyrods Taken At Dry Falls

    On Saturday, June 24th I left two flyrods and reels leaning up against a bush. When I realized they were missing and drove back a few hours later they were gone and were not at the ranger's office either. Unhappy with myself for being so absent-minded (just retired - that's my excuse), but...
  11. T

    Found - Rod And Reel At Pass Lake

    I've got a rod and reel that came out of Pass Lake. I didn't find it directly, though. But rather as I was at the ramp rigging up, out of the lake comes 2 guys who had been scuba diving for crawfish. In addition to the crawfish, one of them had found a fly rod and reel. Looked like it had been...
  12. P

    Lost Rod and Reel at Munn Lake

    Lost a rod and reel at Munn Lake in late June. Left at boat ramp. Chuck Pfeil
  13. Jim Welch

    Lost Robert Sacconi Reel at Chopaka

    Its the one with the enclosed impeller. I think I left it at the campsite above the 2 outhouses.
  14. M

    Lost two fly rod & reel sets at Merrill Lake 7/11/16

    Left a sage one combo and a sage launch combo at Merrill Lake on 7/11. I can give info on reel types/lines to verify they're mine. Thanks for any info, Mark
  15. Steve Kokita

    Dredged up a net at Leech lake

    Fished Leech last weekend, recovered a net Sunday, ID and it's yours.