1. LCnSac

    Columbus Isle Bahamas Recommendations?

    We'll be at Club Med the first week of June, and I'm reaching out for anyone who's been to Columbus Isle and has a handle on the fishing. Finding a guide has been elusive; getting a fishing license (required as of 2017) looks like a prison shower but it's only $20 a week. I'll walk the flats on...
  2. Bonefish Jack

    Trip Report Couple of Days in the Bahamas

    Here is a report about a couple of days fishing at Great Exuma, Bahamas. This was not really a fishing trip, but I planned some fishing … Returned to Seattle this past weekend ... Day One This was the day where I planned to help my girlfriend catch her first fish on a fly rod. Not a bonefish...
  3. flyfishmt

    Trip Report DIY ELuthera Bahamas

    I just returned from a two week vacation and DIY bonefishing trip in the Bahamas. As luck would have it, I tore my rotator cuff three days before the trip, so I became my wife's personal guide. The weather was a bit tough with clouds and winds, but we managed to catch a few fish. We kayaked...
  4. MDK

    Trip Report Cat Island, Bahamas

    Back from my winter DIY fishing trip. This year I went to Cat Island in the Bahamas. The trip was OK but I wasn't sure I'd do a post but since we had a dialog concerning DIY fishing in the Bahamas, I thought I'd better respond. There has been concern about fishing license and DIY fishing. I...
  5. gstonefly

    New Flats Fishing Regulations Bahamas -obtaining A License

    The instructions for obtaining the new Flats Fishing Permit in the Bahamas are as clear as mud on their official website. I did some research for my trip to Cat Island coming up in April and wanted to share with you what I found out: It looks like you can fill out the new application (website...
  6. MDK

    Cat Island, Bahamas

    I rented a small 2 bdr house in Arthurs Town on Cat Island, Bahamas Feb 13-Mar 1. My fishing buddy had something come up and can't come. So, I will be there by myself. I am a DIY fisherman and main reason for trip is bonefishing. I know this is a long shot but if someone is interested, room is...
  7. Kfish

    Bahama Bones In April

    Good chance our family will go to the Bahamas next spring break in April, Paradise Island north of Nassau specifically. After some initial searches it looks like Nassau itself isn't that great for bonefishing and one would have to take a flight to Andros or Eleuthera nearby for a better...
  8. fishingAK14

    FS Simms Rogue Jacket / Columbia Bahamas Shoes

    New Simms Rogue jacket size large in red. Not the right fit for me. Still has tags on it. SOLD Columbia Bahamas PFG shoes size 10.5 still have tags on them. $40 Shipped
  9. Cat Island Bahamas

    Cat Island Bahamas

  10. Cat Island Bahamas

    Cat Island Bahamas

  11. Cat Island Bahamas

    Cat Island Bahamas

  12. Cat Island Bahamas

    Cat Island Bahamas

  13. Cat Island Bahamas

    Cat Island Bahamas

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  24. Abaco bonefish

    Abaco bonefish

    30 inch bonefish caught near Sandy Point, Abaco, Bahamas. Note the Disney cruise ship in the background.