1. The T.O. Show

    Hola from Baja

    I've been in Baja since Saturday fishing the beaches everyday. Lots of small roosters but no grandes. Then today while I was trying to run down the man, I ran into Mr. Dorado instead. What a hoot. How's the weather back home?
  2. Tyler Speir

    Los Barriles East Cape Baja

    I'm headed to Los Barriles for a week at the end of the month. We are staying at Hotel Palmas. I know they have guides that I can book through them, but I was wondering if anyone here knows of a really good English speaking guide that you have used in the past. I feel like if I book with the...
  3. First Sailfish on fly

    First Sailfish on fly

    Kicked my butt and broke the reel I was using...good times
  4. Blue Marlin

    Blue Marlin

  5. Baja Sailfish

    Baja Sailfish

    Grant Hartman and I with my first Sailfish.
  6. 3 Amigos

    3 Amigos

  7. First Sail

    First Sail

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