1. Rolski

    FS Hardy Sirrus 7' 3/4wt.

    Hardy Sirrus 7' 3/4wt. In mint like new condition. $400CAD ($300USD) R.
  2. B

    FS Orvis Bamboo Rod

    Four Piece Rod, including the extra tip Perfectly straight and in beautiful condition All matching serial numbers 1956 Battenkill with 15/64 ferrules Length: 8 1/2 Built by George Reid and Cal Skinner Please call Levi with offers. No trades please. [email protected]
  3. B

    FS Orvis Battenkill Bamboo Rod

    1959 Orvis Battenkill Spinning with Reel Seat 7' 5 5/8oz. Two Piece Perfectly straight and in beautiful condition Please email Levi with offers. No trades please. [email protected] Located in Portland, Oregon
  4. Greg Oakes

    Bamboo Rod Identification

    Been searching the web for hours trying to identify a bamboo fly rod I inherited from my 91 year old father. The metal case has a badly worn label that appears to be from Heddon but there are no markings on the rod itself. Anyone know whether Heddon made any models without markings? I am...
  5. MRKbass

    FS Great deal for Bamboo fans

    Got a brand new 7'7" 4wt 2 piece 1 tip built by Shane at Greywolf. It is his build of a perfectionist taper. If you haven't yet seen his work, it is absolutely amazing! This one has a unique rattan wrapped grip, blued slide band reel seat, and guides. I got a great deal on this from another...
  6. S

    FS WTB: EC Powell bamboo rods

    If you have EC Powell rods you are willing to sell, please contact me with details, photos, and price. Thanks, Chris
  7. I

    FS Winston GVX select 490, Bill Taylor bamboo 4 wt.

    Winston GVX select 490-4 (sold) Bill Taylor 7/6" 2/2 four weight. Spiral pattern flamed cane, clear wraps with black tipping. Blued ferrules and reel seat, chrome snakes. Reel seat is cap and ring over birds-eye maple. Quick, crisp rod with lots of backbone. Fished very little, excellent...
  8. S

    FS Doug Daniel 7’ 3WT Bamboo Rod

    I have a very nice bamboo fly rod from a very sought-after maker, Doug Daniel of California. This is a hollow-built quad cane rod that is the best 3wt bamboo rod I’ve ever cast or fished. Aluminum tube included. Price: $595.00 shipped anywhere in the Lower 48. Will ship elsewhere for actual...
  9. Walter Spaulding

    FS Two Bob Lancaster bamboo rods

    #1 serial#CL190-3 Custom built for CCI Cecil Guidry name on rod Miss Kay . Specs 6'6" 2 piece 3wt 2tips . Fished twice . #2 serial# CSL-225-20 name on rod Cookies Stick . Specs 7'6" 2 piece 5/6/7wt with dual action tips . Priced at $850 each including shipping and insurance . I am helping...
  10. Walter Spaulding

    FS bamboo rods

    Helping a friend out with these rods His name is Cecil Guidry you can see him tying on #1 Bob Lancaster bamboo rod 6'6" CL190-3 two tips excellent condition built 4/08/1998 does have Cecil's wife's name on it $800 plus shipping and insurance . #2 Bob Lancaster bamboo rod...
  11. para_adams

    FS Winter Bamboo Projects

    SOLD An interesting rod needing cosmetic refinishing but original and sound condition underneath. I'm asking $220 local pickup near Bothell/Mill Creek or $240 shipped. Southbend Cross Double Built #164 8-1/2' HEH This rod needs to have its wraps redone. Otherwise it is in very good condition...
  12. para_adams

    FS Classic Heddon Bamboo rod

    I need to make room in my bamboo rod closet so I'm selling a sweet casting 8-1/2' Heddon Premier with the very popular "2f" size ferrules/taper and with the beautiful medium carmel colored cane finish. I'm asking $225 plus shipping. Local sales are welcome. The four sections measure out as...
  13. A

    FS Complete Bamboo Rod Business for Sale

    Hello, Due to health issues and a planned move, I am selling my complete rod building business with ALL tools and components. There is so much equipment and inventory that you will need to call me so I can give you a complete list. This is a chance to get setup without having to search out any...
  14. S

    FS Or is Bamboo

    Orvis Impregnated " Madison " 2 pc. 8' 3 3/4 oz. 6 wt. Excellent condition $400 + shipping conus
  15. SERE Nate

    WTB 3 weight bamboo rod

    I am looking for a 3 weight bamboo rod to replace my recently stolen reddington CT. I prefer the flamed bamboo look. Anyone have anything out there or any builders that are looking for a new project?
  16. T

    FS Old Bamboo Fly Fishing Rods for sale

    Hello anglers, I inherited a number of bamboo fly rods and old reels, as well as old bass plugs (Lures). My uncle was 84 when he died. I do not fly fish and I think someone out there would love to put these fine rods to use. If anyone is interested please let me know. These rods are in...
  17. para_adams

    Bamboo & Glass Clave, 6/24 10am Redmond

    Bamboo and Glass rods come in a large variety so we're getting together to do some casting. New, ancient, classic, not-s0-classic, straight off the river, the workshop bench or straight from Grandpa's attic, bring 'em, show 'em, cast 'em and enjoy them. Saturday June 24th 10am. CASCADE...
  18. E

    FS/T South Creek Ltd. Bamboo

    South Creek ltd. 7'6 #5 3/2 Mike Clark Rod is used with care and it is exellent condition. Original tube and sock. Lightly flamed cane and upplocking rosewood reelseat. 40, 45 &50cm measurement wraps on the butt. Pics i can send to email. 2300$ Or high quality reel/s Love to find bogdan...
  19. Mark Moore

    FS Hardy Bamboo 6wt.

    Hardy "The Palakona" #6 Bamboo Fly Rod, 2pc. 1tip, Original Sock, Aluminum Tube (Unmarked) May 1972 Vintage Excellent Condition, Ferrules are tight, cork is clean $300.00 OBO Pay Pal OK, Fees on buyer. Shipping and Insurance on me.
  20. para_adams

    FS Phillipson Powr Pakt Bamboo 5 Weight Rod

    Here's a wonderful rod I need to sell to raise funds for an expensive rod I've committed to purchase. A very good condition Phillipson Powr Pakt 8-1/2' 5 weight. If you are thinking about getting into bamboo this is a mid-grade, great casting rod capable of doing pretty much anything you want...
  21. M

    FS 4wt Bamboo With Reel

    Beautiful restored South Bend 6' 4wt Bamboo in mint condition with unused Leonard style classic fly reel. I'm a glass guy, so this setup doesn't suit my needs. Believe it or not, this little rod can launch a line! Perfect classic setup for someone looking to get into bamboo. $150
  22. Peabody55

    FS Bamboo Fly Rods Restored!

    I restore or refinish bamboo fly rods as a hobby. I have been doing this for ten plus years and am very talented/knowledgeable. I can refinish, scarf sections back to length, fix delaminates sections, reset ferrules and repair fractures in the cane. I have a large assortment of silk threads or...
  23. Dan Nelson

    FS Bamboo Rod Sections

    I've inherited a tube full of bamboo rod sections that I'd like to see put to good use. The collection includes a cardboard tube full of: 6 tip sections 1 mid-section 1 butt section All seem to be solid and intact, though not matched to each other. See pics. I'd sell all for $40 plus shipping...
  24. para_adams

    FS Some Good Books On Bamboo Rods, Fly Fishing, Fly Tying

    SOME ARE SOLD, THE OTHERS ARE NOW LOWER PRICES... Offering some good books on bamboo and other fly fishing topics. All prices are shipped within the CONUS. Take $5 off for local pickup near Bothell/Mill Creek. A Master's Guide To Building A Bamboo Fly Rod, Garrison/Carmichael. With slip...
  25. Erik F. Helm

    An Article About Bamboo Fly Rods And Graphite Together. Symbiosis And Grace. Enjoy! I hope! With a scotch or a glass of claret!
  26. Troutcreek

    FS Bamboo Fly Rods

    8’ 2x2 5 wt Penta. This rod has a medium to medium slow action. Shop made ferrules and reels seat. Tapered internals on the reel seat hardware hold reels securely and ferrule fit is very good. Perfection snakes and Stuble agate. Includes tube and bag. Pending + actual shipping and...
  27. P

    FS Bamboo Rod Making Equipment

    Hey All, Looking to sell my collection of premium bamboo rod making equipment: Planing forms, binder, and power beveler by Goldenwitch. Mica strip oven. Depth Gauge for planing forms, a random selection of ferrules, agate stripping guides, real seats, etc. I love making rods and am not...
  28. ttas67

    FS Hardy "the Wye" 12'6" #9 Bamboo Spey Rod

    I have a Hardy Wye 12'6", #9, 3pc, 2 tips, bamboo spey rod for sale. Rod is from 1968, and is in excellent used condition. Ferrules are tight (maybe even a little tight, you might give them a cleaning), sections are straight, and wraps are in excellent condition. This rod is ready to be...
  29. D

    FS Bamboo Collection For Sale

    EC Powell 9' 3/2 trout rod (5 wt) with tube and sock Uslan Penta 8' 2/1 (6 wt) tube and sock Philipson Heywood 7' 2/1 (4/5 wt) tube and sock Heddon 19 Riptide 9' 3/2 (7/8 wt) with fighting butt tube and sock Heddon 20 Bill Stanley's Favorite 9' 3/2 (6 wt) tube and sock Midaki Japanese made 9'...
  30. LD

    FS Bambo and Sage Rods

    - Orvis 99 Impregnated, 7' 6" 5wt, 2/1, serial #214xx. the rod is in very good condition, straight, full length with some soiling of the cork. It has the original tube and sock (sock may or may not be original). Very nice casting rod. great rod to test the bamboo waters with. $350 - Orvis...
  31. splitcanenut

    FS Banty Bamboo Midge Rod

    Banty rod built from the mid and tip section of a Montegue Bamboo Fly rod. Someone interested in tiny flies and who fishes very small streams will put it back to work. The rod blank is in very sound condition and the result is a delicate, medium fast 5' 10" rod for a 3/4 line, wieghing in at 2.2...
  32. SERE Nate


    I am wanting to try my hand at using a bamboo rod. I have a SAGE XP 4 weight and a SAGE One 6 weight. Looking for something for in the middle. Will mostly be for small rivers and streams. Price range is around $250 or so. More if its a good deal.
  33. E

    Trip Report BOOgill on BOOglebugs fished on bamBOO

    Living in the SE and no trout fishing other than an annual trip to Jackson Hole to visit my sister in-law, I never had bought into this whole bamboo fly rod zen stuff. Pretty much all of arsenal consists of Fast Action graphite rods and mainly for saltwater and the occasional bass/bream trip...
  34. Chase

    WTB WTB Bamboo Planing Forms and Other Tools

    Looking to buy a set of planing forms. Used but not abused is fine by me. Also interested in other rod making tools. Let me know what you have and how much you need. Thanks, Chase
  35. Node Press

    Node Press

  36. 4-string binder with bound tip section

    4-string binder with bound tip section

  37. Star Splitter and roughing form

    Star Splitter and roughing form

  38. Planing  a bamboo strip

    Planing a bamboo strip

  39. Close up view of four string binder

    Close up view of four string binder

  40. Four string bamboo rod glue binder

    Four string bamboo rod glue binder

  41. Garrison style glue binder

    Garrison style glue binder

  42. Setting bamboo planing form depth

    Setting bamboo planing form depth

  43. Bamboo planing form, plane & lathe

    Bamboo planing form, plane & lathe

  44. Bamboo Fly Rod

    Bamboo Fly Rod

  45. Bamboo Fly  Rod II

    Bamboo Fly Rod II

  46. THANK YOU!!!!  HL Leonard bamboo rebuilt by Ray Gould

    THANK YOU!!!! HL Leonard bamboo rebuilt by Ray Gould