1. A

    FS Gloomis Mega FR1088/9 Mega 9foot, #8/9---- $189 OBO

    Thinning the herd, selling this excellent shape GLoomis 8/9 weight rod. It is awesome with the new heavy 8weight lines like RIO Outbound short, Quickshooter, and RIO Grand all in 8weight. It has a moderate fast action with a strong butt but soft tip for relaxed casting (GL3 material is really...
  2. Steve Vaughn

    Yakima River below Yakima

    Recently picked up a book on Washington rivers and see there are a good number of ramps on the Yakima River below Yakima. I have fished the lower river below Horn Rapids for bass many times and in the area of Horn Rapids county park. Wondering if anyone has experience floating the river...
  3. J

    Bass fishing timing for Skagit Co

    Looking forward to targeting bass in four lakes near Anacortes. Beaver Lake, nearby Mud Lake and also Campbell Lake and Trafton Lake (private). In Southern CA right now is the time that the females are eating like a fat lady at a buffet (before taking turns with the smaller males guarding the...
  4. tyafly

    Small hooks - Health Bass

    Fishing my goto crappie rig last week. 1/80 oz rootbeer micro jiglet on a #12 sickle jig hook. About 3-4ft under an indicator. Cast, let the rings settle, then 6''-12'' aggressive strips all the way back in. Pause for 5-10 sec between each strip. The stripped indicator causes commotion sort of...
  5. W

    WTB Used 7 Weight Smallmouth Bass Streamer Line

    I'm looking for a used streamer line for my 7 weight to toss streamers to smallmouth bass. New ones go for over $80, and I just don't want to invest that much in something I'll use once or twice a year. It'll go on a 10' Winston Ibis. Thanks.
  6. Thiago - Brazil

    some peacock bass from the middle of nowhere Amazon

    hello some fish from a trip to the Camaiú river, 1 1/2 hour flight from Manaus. These are river fish, damn strong!! Several times, the small 4 lbs fish caught the fly, and HUGE fish appeared under it, 15 lbs + just taking a look "what is going on here"... the small ones many times played too...
  7. freestoneangler

    Yuma AZ Bass Fishing

    Heading down there for a couple months - any intel on fishing the Colorado would be appreciated. Plan on taking my 6 weight beach rod and probably my FatCat and fins?? Searching the interwebz on advice too but, as we all know, the real scoop resides here. PM probably best to avoid any scorn...
  8. Steve Kokita

    Bass wood carving

    Anybody recognize this bass? Think beer.....:cool:
  9. SemperFi

    Chelan River Produces!

    Staying at Wapato Point in Manson, WA for a family vacation. Hit the Chelan River the past two mornings with great success! Yesterday I used a hopper pattern in the 100 degree weather, and got a number of hits reeling in 7 or 8 fish from one little run in the river within a 45-minute period...
  10. J

    Flies for Largemouth Bass

    I'm here in Anacortes. Just placed an order for a float tube, pump and waders. I've been ripping LMB lips my entire life but never like this. So...for now, during the summer before trout at Pass....learning how to use a float tube... Heart Lake, Whistle Lake and Little Cranberry seems to be an...
  11. L

    Potholes Res. Bass

    We are headed to the Potholes for camp/fish trip in the dunes....does anyone know if we can have a fire?
  12. Peyton00

    Tacoma area Bass

    I have property on a private lake south of Tacoma near Harts lake. Its undeveloped, no docks or manmade structures. I dont do much bass fishing but willing to make it happen. I did catch a 4-5lb largemouth a few yrs ago and some 2-3 lbers. I am looking for a local that wants to fish this lake...
  13. aimacart

    throat pumping a bass

    I have been upping my stillwater game lately for trout. It has been real helpful to throat pump the trout to see what they are feeding on. I was on a put and take lake that is supposed to be trout only but the midnight bucket brigade struck and left some bass. I caught one and decided to throat...
  14. Richard E

    FTC approves Bass Pro purchase of Cabela's

    Yep, I know it's been out there for a while, but now it's for real; Bass Pros has been approved by the Feds to acquire Cabela's. Accodring to the AP: "U.S. antitrust regulators have ended their investigation into Bass Pro Shops’ $4 billion deal to buy Cabela’s, Cabela’s said Wednesday."...
  15. mtskibum16

    Bass Fishing 101

    Ok, I'm pretty (ok really) inexperienced with warm water species. Last weekend I hit a local lake that I knew had some bass to give it a go. I fished poppers all day, because that's about all I understand for bass fishing: cast to the lilies, docks, and other obvious structure, and hope one...
  16. Greg Price

    Finally, my First "real" Bass

  17. Stonefish

    WTB Sage 330g Floating Bass Line

    I've got a bunch of home projects I need to get done in the next month or so before salmon season opens. I figure after working on the projects during the day, I'd do some local ditch pickle evening topwater fishing. I'm looking for this line or the equivalent. Used and in decent condition is...
  18. GAT

    The Year Of The Big Bass

    Yesterday, I decided to forgo the Memorial Day crowds at the trout lakes and headed back out to the private farm lake 25 minutes from my house. The weather was warm and the sun was uninhibited by clouds. But things started slow. As usual, I first tied on a popper. I wanted to try a new...
  19. Brian White

    Lake Washington bass help

    I am rocking a new kayak and jonesing to get out some time in the next week. I am wondering if anyone thinks Lake Washington bass fishing might be heating up. My best guess is that it is a bit early for topwater, but it has warmed up a lot over last few days. I don't need spots as I have one...
  20. T

    Top water bass

    Went out for largemouths for the first time this year. The water is still cold and the wind blew hard until about seven o'clock. That is when things started to look up. Caught a few and they were all nice fish of 2 or so pounds except for one that was probably around 4. All on surface flies and...
  21. C

    FS Sage Bass II 290 grain Smallmouth Rod, Case, Line Brand New

    $425 shipped Brand New Factory Sage Bass II Smallmouth Rod with Blank Warranty. Includes Rod, Case, & Line - All unused - Items were removed from case only to inspect, check ferrule fit, and take pics. Rod has not been casted & line has not been removed from spool. Non Smoking Home.
  22. LCnSac

    Best Smallmouth Bass Fisheries In The U.s.?

    I love smallies, and fish most of the places where's they're found in any numbers in CA. I would like to try water where there are more of them, and larger. I've caught two around 5 lbs, but that's not common here. I've seen some promo on huge smallies in Ontario, don't know anything about it...
  23. MRKbass

    FS Bass Gear Rods-g.loomis

    Attn. warm water fishermen and women! I'm clearing out some nice quality bass fishing rods. Some could be useful for pike as well. Bring your man card with you as these are serious bass fishing rods! All rods are in great shape, some are like new. Pictures to come in the morning when I get...
  24. Ray

    Sea Lions Are Nothing Compared To Smallmouth Bass

    A buddy of mine is doing research on fall chinook in the Snake River basin. During the out migration, they estimate that the predation on smolts is in the neighborhood of 10,000 smolts per mile due to smallmouth bass. And that's just in the free flowing section above Asotin. And then they...
  25. BFV

    FS 9wt Orvis Hydros Bass

    Selling 9WT Hydros bass fly line. Minimal use, believe I only lawn cast it. Asking 25$ TYD in CONUS, PAYPAL
  26. avidangler

    FS Rio Smallmouth Bass Wf8f

    Like new RIO Smallmouth Bass WF8F fly line. 9/10. Welded loops are in perfect condition, barely used. $40 shipped, lower 48. Please feel free to PM with any questions or interest. Thank you.

    FS Squirmey Wormies For Trout And Bass

  28. biker_dd

    My Christmas Bass

    I'm down on the Gulf Coast visiting my parents for Christmas, caught this guy in their backyard on a popper yesterday morning. That was a nice present. (I caught it standing up straight, but can't get the pic rotated)
  29. M

    FS Echo 684

    $70 in great condition 8'4" 6wt designed for warm water species...awesome bass stick! If you're looking to add a warm water rod to your arsenal this is a good one.
  30. LCnSac

    Trip Report California Delta Striped Bass Trip 10-2016

    I took my son in law on a Striper trip yesterday in the Delta. He's new to fly fishing, been at it for about a year with dubious instruction from his father in law. I wanted to get him on some anadromous fish, and that we did--about 70 to hand between the two of us. That's the good news. The...
  31. RoVaKi

    FS Sage Bass Ii Smallmouth Fly Rod And Sage 3880cf Reel W/line

    Used Sage Bass II Smallmouth fly rod and Sage 3880Cf Reel spooled with Rio 290gr fly line. Everything is in excellent condition. Not even a scratch on the reel. $500.00 includes shipping to lower 48 and insurance.
  32. dryflylarry

    Bass Pro Shops Acquiring Cabelas

    That's what was just said on tonights local news. Wonder what that means.

    Bass Pro Shop Buys Cabelas

    Yep they paid 5.5 billion
  34. b_illymac

    One For The Books...

    Today was truly an amazing day! So many Sandhill Cranes in the air it was hard to focus.....they make such an incredible sound! Of course you know by now I love chasing bass. Tools of the trade. My black and yellow popper was only fly I used today. Fish were aggresive. I think I caught three...
  35. silvercreek

    Free Kindle Bass Fishing Books For Today
  36. Greg Price

    My 1rst Bass On Popper

    Well, it finally happened. An angry 12 inch bass crushed my popper. Gave me a heart attack. Gonna have to try it again. I am hooked. Practicing up on my southern and I think I have a few old t-shirts that can be sleeve doners lol Seriously, it is nice to add another species to my fly...
  37. jwg

    Bass And Salmonids: Columbia And Yakima

    From Fly Rod and Reel and Ted Williams. see the note below the article: Particularly on the Yakima, bass decimate salmon, according to the cited study, to the tune of 84% of salmonids consumed by bass 12" in length...
  38. GAT

    Bass In The Lower Deschutes This is cause for concern. Bass invading the lower Deschutes is not good. Evidently the water temps have risen to a point where smallmouth (and at least one LMB) have felt very...
  39. E

    Trip Report Harper's Ferry Smallmouth

    Never having caught a smallmouth bass, and dealing with bladder cancer, I figured it was time to check that off my lifelist. I found a what turned out to be a very nice quaint B&B in historic downtown Harper's Ferry. It also happened that the B&B owner also owns the local fly shop, and has a...
  40. b_illymac

    FS Bass Poppers

    Selling a lot of Bass poppers. Most of these are brand new. Nothing wrong with them I just became totally hooked with tying my own stuff. The boogle poppers retails for 5.50. They are quality poppers. Asking 60 shipped which is considerable savings over retail. I do have paypal. I am in the...
  41. Njtroutbum

    Pond Bass

    When time is of the essence and a decision is needed "right now", a pond will seldom let you down. And will treat you to a damned fine day on the water. Pointing the FJ towards the closest walk-around pond I could think of, it was mere minutes before I was bringing the...
  42. atomic dog

    Finally got a chance to fish the Yakima

    Last Friday Chad Lewis was in town and we took a few hours to float the lower Yakima looking for smallies. As we were getting ready to put in a drift boat arrived to take out. It was a guide boat from Reds, or at least I assume it was, since it was the guy who does all their fishing video...
  43. PBR

    FS Bass worms

    There's 12-13 of them I think. $2/ea. Bass love em. Tied on diachii size 2....I forget the hook name. They are the saltwater ones. The big verson of the sc. Some are tied with estaz, others with polar chenille. Lemme know!
  44. crequa

    Bass on my mind

    After devastatingly impressive results from the top water action on a nice little pond, I am hooked! Now I'm looking for any help, hints or any knowledge on catching bass,from recommended books to offering to take me out and show me the ropes, I'm low maintenence
  45. tyafly

    Super complicated Dragon fly patterns

    Out fishing today I noticed the bass have completely keyed in on dragon flies. They weren't interested in anything on top that popped or subsurface patterns that have been decent producers. The dragon flies were out thick as thieves. Every couple minutes I'd here a toilet flush. Usually in...
  46. Brad Niemeyer


    This is my LMB version of the wiggler...It's about time for some warm water action... For those not familiar with the wiggler: this fly dives and wiggles, a bit like a rapala lure when fished with long strips on a sinking line...then it pops back to the surface ( if not hammered first!)
  47. Another King County LargeMouth

    Another King County LargeMouth

    This 20" largemouth bass took a crawdad fly. This is the third big bass for me in two outings this season! yeah!
  48. Swamp thing westside largemouth

    Swamp thing westside largemouth

    This largemouth took a green and orange crawdad that I worked slow and deep
  49. Clouser minnow

    Clouser minnow

    I love to use this fly for bass. I read that bass especially love yellow since it sticks out and gets there attention. I found that the more deer hair and the more crystal flash I use the better it looks and moves in the water.
  50. My local bass pond

    My local bass pond

    It holds some nice bass in it. I have caught a 4 pounder out of it. but it seems that most of the fish are stunted like someone did there own stocking not knowing on how many fish should be in the little lake, but We have hooked some big ones!
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