1. Steve Kokita

    Bass wood carving

    Anybody recognize this bass? Think beer.....:cool:
  2. Another King County LargeMouth

    Another King County LargeMouth

    This 20" largemouth bass took a crawdad fly. This is the third big bass for me in two outings this season! yeah!
  3. Swamp thing westside largemouth

    Swamp thing westside largemouth

    This largemouth took a green and orange crawdad that I worked slow and deep
  4. Clouser minnow

    Clouser minnow

    I love to use this fly for bass. I read that bass especially love yellow since it sticks out and gets there attention. I found that the more deer hair and the more crystal flash I use the better it looks and moves in the water.
  5. My local bass pond

    My local bass pond

    It holds some nice bass in it. I have caught a 4 pounder out of it. but it seems that most of the fish are stunted like someone did there own stocking not knowing on how many fish should be in the little lake, but We have hooked some big ones!
  6. Last fish of the summer :  [

    Last fish of the summer : [

    That was the last fish I caught this summer. Tommorow I have to go back to school...
  7. Bass Fishing

    Bass Fishing

    The 8 inch bass i caught from lost lake, i ended up eating him because i've never tasted a bass before, i realeased 4 others that day.
  8. Bass Fishing

    Bass Fishing

    the bugs the 8 inch bass ate, the photos not that great, but he ate 2 beatles, a damselfly larva, and a mayfly, the rest i cant identify...
  9. Lone Lake Bass

    Lone Lake Bass

    First fish of the morning at Lone Lake.
  10. 18 inch smallmouth

    18 inch smallmouth

    I starting to be better at bass fishing. Here's a 18 inch smallmouth from the same little nameless pond along the Columbia.
  11. Lower Columbia Smallmouth

    Lower Columbia Smallmouth

  12. Striper1