1. NWDesigns

    FS AirFlo BEACH WF5I fly line

    Air Flo BEACH Intermediate WF5I fly line. Lawn cast - too light for the rod I wanted it for. Beautiful line, I like it and havealready bought a WF6I and am using it. Great line for Searun Cutthroats off Puget Sound beaches. Shipped CONUS $66. Personal check preferred but Pay Pal ok. Thanks
  2. troutslayer1

    FS Orvis RECON 9' 6wt For Sale

    9' 6wt Orvis Recon fly rod for sale Nearly new, used less than 5 times Looking to upgrade to a new H3 model Asking $325 OBO (Retail $449) Feel free to shoot me a message if interested, (stock photo attached, but can send photos upon request). Thanks, Conner
  3. Anil

    New Airflo Beach line

    For those of you constantly looking for the ideal beach fishing line, Airflo just came out with a new one: Fully intermediate, completely clear (including running line), and still designed for “chasing Sea Run Cuties”. This is the same taper as their existing beach line, but fully...
  4. Kyle Smith

    T Line For Beach or Lakes

    I just had a thought about DIY shooting heads. Just attach shooting line directly to 20 feet of T line. My Streamer Express line is basically that but the running line is intermediate. If my theory works, you could just attach an Airflo 20' t17 "custom cut tip" to some Amnesia and call it...
  5. S

    WTB Pink Salmon Beach Flies

    Looking to pick up a dozen or so flies for fishing to Pink Salmon off the Puget Sound beaches. PM with details and pix. Thanks!
  6. D

    FS Salt Water Beach flys for Salmon and Sea Run Cuts

    Good Variety for sale (boxes included) Best Offer - Moving to Arizona - Good Bye Salt!!! Dick Warnke alias Pram Man ... 253 740 1851

    FS Looking for a 9'6" 6wt Redington Predator

    Redington Predator Fly Rod: 5-5022T-696-4 I am probably going to buy this beach rod soon so I figured I would check the forum to see if anyone has one they want to get rid of.
  8. golfman44

    FS/T wtt 5wt coastal quickshooter for a 6wt beach line

    Looking for a 6 weight line to use off the beach (full intermediate). I'll trade a very lightly used 5wt rio coastal quickshooter. Thanks
  9. Elliott5400

    Beach rod

    So I've come to realize that fishing the beach for resident coho and searun with a 9ft 6wt isn't the best tool for the job. I'm looking for recommendations on a good beach rod (or blank as I have begun to build some rods) and from some research it seems like a switch rod may fit the bill, with a...
  10. Anil

    Airflo beach line explained

    As a dealer, I have the opportunity to cast and fish a huge variety of fly lines. I've got my favorite beach line as I'm sure all of you do. Some of you have a passion for the Airflo beach line that I have to confess, I didn't understand. After reading the back of the box, I think I finally...
  11. john gates

    Swap Beach fly swap!

    Hello guys and gals! Salt fly's for coho, jack or SRC! It is fishing season but I still tie. Do you? 8 total players. 2flys of the same pattern/per tyer(14 total) is the game. Any one want in? 1.John Gates 2.nailbender biggs 4.philonius 5.bajema 6.tmik 7. SeattleFarq 8. Chris stiemert...
  12. SERE Nate

    Beach fishing with camping

    I'm hoping to hit up a beach Wed to fish and camp out. Any recommendations on where both are possible?
  13. Ian Horning

    Pattern New favorite SRC fly

    Sooooo yesterday I looked in my fly box and there was some weird sh*t going on in there. All of my clousers had been scraped to death by rocks, hooks bent from collisions, and the works. And I make those things bulletproof. The thing is, nothing can protect a fly from an angler who sucks at...
  14. X

    FS Airflo beach line

    Airflo beach line 6wt and 7wt new in box. 80 for both.
  15. M

    FS 4wt Beach Rod

    Several years ago I wanted a light weight rod for cutties and winter resident coho, so I had Fetha Styx build me up a salt worthy 4wt. I fished it for many years and absolutely loved it before I started fishing glass rods exclusively. Here it is for sale with a cabela's prestige plus reel and a...
  16. troutslayer1

    Pack/sling For Beach Fishing

    I am looking to get a new hip or sling pack for beach fishing and am wondering what people use or would prefer to use if given the choice. I have been checking out the hip packs from Fishpond and Patagonia (waterproof). What do you guys think about a waterproof vs non waterproof and any pros or...
  17. mtskibum16

    WTB Src Beach Rod And/or Reel Setup

    I'm looking at putting together another beach setup, and I'm looking for a rod and reel. Rod: I'll consider 5 or 6 wt "saltwater" rods in 9' or 9'6". By "saltwater" I mean aluminum (or other SW ready) reel seat and medium-fast to fast action with a fighting butt. The fighting butt is a...
  18. Nick Metzman

    WTB Salty 6 Weight

    What the title says, I need a 6 weight for the beach. Let me know what your willing to part with. Thanks, Nick Metzman
  19. Beach Silver Swap - Summer '04

    Beach Silver Swap - Summer '04

  20. Rialto Beach

    Rialto Beach

  21. Island off the beach

    Island off the beach

  22. Beach at the mouth of the Quilyute

    Beach at the mouth of the Quilyute

  23. Sunset on the sound

    Sunset on the sound

  24. Whidbey beach

    Whidbey beach

  25. Fishing from the beach!

    Fishing from the beach!