1. Perry Azevedo

    NFR Wenatchee/Leavenworth Meetup?

    I’m curious how many people on here are in the greater Wenatchee / Leavenworth area. Would anyone else be interested in grabbing a beer some evening in the next week or two?
  2. Mems

    Jack Beer big island adventure

    Aloha, took Jack Beer out for a day at A-bay. The tide was high so we started on the wall. Jack got hooked up on some weke,but the papio would only follow the fly and didn't hit. He got a couple more weke, they want to be a bone and try hard. Best catch was this cuda. Jack got it with out...
  3. freestoneangler

    NFR Summer Brew

    My brother-in-law from Texas and his wife drink Coors Light, so we bought a case while they were here in late May. Running low on my Full Sail, I tapped into the remaining stock in the fridge. On these warm, dry days, that stuff is mighty darn refreshing... so much so that I had my wife pick...
  4. MO-Trapper

    Rainier... fishing not the beer

    I did a quick search on here about fishing near Rainier, but all I found was a bunch of discussion about beer. Lol. Must be some good beer I'll have to try. But anyways, last minute decision has us heading towards Rainier for the rest of the weekend. We'll probably stay outside the park...
  5. T

    Boo and Beer

    Sweetgrass Rods is moving to Butte From their FB Page this morning. A Message From the Boss-man ( Glenn Brackett) SWEETGRASS RODS MOVING TO BUTTE The rumors are true and the rumors are not true. TRUE we are moving and NOT true we are going out of business. We are moving from a cow town...
  6. freestoneangler


    Since the WFF is slowly metamorphosing into the MFF, and so many from the neighboring states spend time on Montana's storied waters, this seems appropriate. Over the years, PLWA has made some very significant gains on our collective behalf as it pertains to keeping, what can arguably be...
  7. freestoneangler

    NFR Nano Brew

    Word has it a nano brewery is scheduled to start-up in Sheridan sometime in 2017. I honestly hadn't heard of the term nano brew until the person telling me about it did. Nano breweries, only generally make between 500 and 1000 gallons of beer/year. With roughly 2000 people of drinking age in...
  8. b_illymac

    One bourbon, one scotch, one beer

    I'm having a record year. Got done with work to find a flat on my old ford truck late at night. Not in the mood to stomach four new tires (not much tread left) on a fishing/hunting rig with 220000 miles (still running like a top) I did what any self respecting bass angler would do. I got her...
  9. Metolius IPA

    Metolius IPA

    A beer label illustration of a westslope cutthtroat


  11. Tightline after 8 beer bongs

    Tightline after 8 beer bongs