1. Flyfishinwrangler

    Best frameless pontoon boat for packing into lakes.

    What do think the best frameless inflatable boat for back packing into lakes? I'm not a big guy so want something light with really light oars but has good stability. I've tried float tubes and just really prefer something longer that I can oar ot flipper. Thanks for any recommendations
  2. B

    Best way to repair broken guide?

    One end of one of the wire guides on my spey rod has popped out of the epoxy. Looking for the best diy repair option. I'm fairly handy but have never built a rod before. Thanks Brett
  3. DJSponge

    Best small boat for fly fishing PNW waters?

    What are everyone's thoughts on the best small boat for fly fishing up here in the PNW? Ideally, something that could cover lakes, the Puget Sound, and maybe some rivers? I'm considering all options at this point, but I'm leaning towards a 16'-18' Bay boat center console style vessel. I'd...
  4. S

    WTB AK Best hair stackers kit

    Hi Wanted to buy AK Best hair stackers kit (see attached pic). Please let me know the magic word $ by PM so I will adopt it.
  5. doublebluff

    Best way to tote a pontoon boat

    Folks- I am trying to figure out a creative way to carry my 8' fishcat pontoon boat. I have a Jeep Patriot. I don't wanna put it together/take it apart whenever I have to go anywhere. Are there any roof racks that would work? I had an EZpacker, which was great for short trips, but it was...
  6. bigtroutchaser

    Best scissors?

    Frustrated with my present pair of snippers and going to get some new ones tomorrow! I thought I'd ask you all what do you like best? I used to love the ICE 9 scissor, but cannot find them. They were sharp as HELL and held their edge a long time. I am not interested in scissors painted like...
  7. Tracker

    FS One of the best little camping rigs you'll ever find.

    1967 Roadrunner 12ft (14' to tongue) FULLY restored. 2200lbs dry, I tow it with an S10 Blazer with no problem. Way to much work done on this to list here. Send me an email if you would like the full specs. This has been a great little river hopper for me all over Montana. Due to circumstances...
  8. fishingAK14

    Best Streamer Box

    What are your thoughts on which fly box works best for streamers for trout and steelhead? I am tir d of the ones I have and tend to like to be as organized as possible with my flies. Thanks
  9. Montana1422 (Roger Craft)

    Suggestions for best $400 rod

    I'm thinking of getting another fly rod. Maybe a 5wt or 4 wt. I fish mostly streams, but some lakes. Montana, Idaho, and Washington. Trout mostly. I know there is no such thing as a BEST rod, but I am interested in your opinions. Around $400 is my budget. Ideas?
  10. Gyrfalcon2015

    The BEST of WFF.. Your Favorites? All-time

    With the "Your Best Fish of The Year" topic, I was wondering what posts ALL-TIME, stick in your head, and maybe, by bringing them up, we can get some follow-ups as well? The recent one that got me thinking of this was when @Jojo mentioned this in one of her posts..and I hope I get this right...
  11. Clint F

    Best way to clean a clear intermediate line?

    Ok guys. What is the best way to clean a clear intermediate line? It still works well but not like when it was new. No damage just needs a cleaning. Gotta get that Atlantic smell off of it also. Lol thanks in advance. Clint.
  12. Abraham

    What is the best eight weight skagit rod for OP winter steelhead.

    Im going to be buying a new dedicated 8 weight Spey rod for winter steelheading on the Olympic Peninsula, and I need some community input on deciding what to buy. I will only be buying either a echo rod or a sage rod in an eight weight. I can buy any of the echo offerings like the Echo 3 or the...
  13. Abraham

    What is the best 8 weight skagit rod for OP winter steelhead?

    Im going to be buying a new dedicated 8 weight Spey rod for winter steelheading on the Olympic Peninsula, and I need some community input on deciding what to buy. I will only be buying either a echo rod or a sage rod in an eight weight. I can buy any of the echo offerings like the Echo 3 or the...
  14. Golden Trout

    Selling our best to big oil!

    On Wednesday, Congress sold out the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and all the wildlife that depend on it. Now oil and gas drilling authorization will go to the president’s desk to be signed into law and the future of the Arctic Refuge will be in the hands of Big Oil. The rape of our planet...
  15. Old406Kid

    Best Breakfast Between St. Regis And Spokane

    Where's the best heart stopper special???
  16. Dave Witchey

    Best rose colored sunglasses for all light conditions?

    What's your favorite rose tinted polarized glasses for almost all light conditions mainly for trout rivers? Thanks, Dave
  17. chrome/22

    Best 6 weight beach reel

    What's your 1st & 2nd choice? A range of different $$ reels is ok, don't really have a budget yet. Going on a dark green XP with black hardware Looking to add a quality saltwater reel to my gear, I'll be purchasing an extra spool or 2 as well. c/22
  18. Old406Kid

    NFR Best Cell Phone For Marginal Reception Areas

    I have a cabin in a marginal reception area of western MT and currently have an I Phone SE with Verizon service. On rare occasions I can make a call or text but more often than not I end up driving up the road several miles to an area of reception. I'm not one to be on the phone or text but I...
  19. B

    Best bang for buck saltwater fly line set up?

    Still working on planning my fishing in Guam. In regards to fly lines for a 10 wt reel, I am curious to know more about versi-tips or something similar. Wondering if buying a 10wt salt line and different tips is a reasonable option, rather than having to buy spools and multiple lines? Don't...
  20. Adam Saarinen

    NFR Dogs Are The Best People!

  21. Ian Horning

    It was the best of lines. It was the worst of lines.

    RIP Coastal Quickshooter, Jan 2017-Oct 23rd, 2017. Rest in literal pieces. O roper of everything that swims, adieu. Adieu. It broke while doing what it loved, tangling while simultaneously fighting a fish. The other line that I was fishing did not perform as well, and by the end of the day I was...
  22. Ian Horning

    Best running line for stripping flies....

    Total spey newb here. Most of my river fishing involves fish that are, well, aggressive. I wrestle with a lot of Bulls and Coho and this often means stripping flies. I'm not trying to lose any fingers to line cuts and would like some sage advice on this matter. I'm a big fan of Commando...
  23. creekx

    Best of all he loved the fall...

    Hemingway’s own words on his memorial along Trail Creek near Sun Valley. It was a eulogy written for a close friend, but many believe it was a eulogy for himself. Poetic words that come to mind every autumn...
  24. K

    C&R BEST PRACTICES (Scientific Article)
  25. McKivergan

    NFR Best (most poignant) sign of the summer

    Not my photo. But gets my vote for Best of 2017.
  26. IveofIone

    My best mousetrap ever

    No pictures, this is so simple if you can't visualize it your imagination is probably bankrupt. I am using a 14'' square tub that is 7'' deep. Across the corners is a 1/8th" welding rod with a common plastic drinking straw slipped over it. Peanut butter is spread in the middle of the straw and...
  27. Eric Denny

    Best Dry fly rod?? 3 2 1 Go.....

    I'm looking to get a new dry fly rod, a rod that I only use for dry flies. I know I will need to test for my self but figure this is a good way to see others thoughts and get a good idea where to start. I'm open to any price range but would prefer to keep it on the lower end. I am really...
  28. Shawn West

    New personal best LMB

    I went to Idaho for a memorial fly fishing trip. Steve Mojonier was a great friend and fishing partner. He lost his battle to cancer this past December. My club, the Clark-Skamania Fly Fishers, had an informal trip to one of the lakes Steve enjoyed fishing. This lake is where I go when I want to...
  29. SERE Nate

    Best 3 weight rod?

    I'm looking to replace my 7'6"reddington 3 weight and speyco trout reel that was stolen. I want this rod for smaller creeks and streams. Eventually I'm hoping to move to Missoula and Rock Creek or Lolo Creek are the main areas I'm looking. I have a Scott G2 5 weight for my dry fly rig and...
  30. Chris Johnson

    NFR Best Play offs in Sport

    I can't believe there is no thread going for what is in my opinion the best play offs in all of sports, The Stanley Cup. Go Preds!
  31. Elkman

    Moving to Anchorage... what are the best fishing/ hunting opportunities I have to hit?

    Looks like me and the family are Ak bound the end of June to Anchorage area. We have never been to Alaska and will only be there for 2 years. Looking for advice on where to go, and what rivers/ spots I shouldn't miss on our AK adventure. I fly fish for trout, searuns, and silvers, and gear fish...
  32. T


    I have an original ak's best vise. If your interested I can send pics. $250
  33. D

    Favorite Sage Rod for Each Weight Class?

    Sage Fans, Curious what everyone's pick (model and length) would be if you could have one Sage Rod at each weight (3 weight through 8 weight)? Though I own/owned other great rods, I'm primarily a Sage guy and haven't seen a thread specifically like this after searching so thought I'd throw it...
  34. dryflylarry

    Outcast Service-The Best

    I know this is boring stuff, but I think Outcast is the best company around. I own a 9 foot pontoon that is at least 10 years old, and a FishCat Deluxe 4. I'm hard on equipment and have had something like three repairs through the years. My most recent was I couldn't for the life of me find...
  35. LCnSac

    Best Smallmouth Bass Fisheries In The U.s.?

    I love smallies, and fish most of the places where's they're found in any numbers in CA. I would like to try water where there are more of them, and larger. I've caught two around 5 lbs, but that's not common here. I've seen some promo on huge smallies in Ontario, don't know anything about it...
  36. Augy

    Best Tying Table Ever

    Check out Kelly Galloup's tying table. I love the wrap around style to rest the elbows for stability and how he setup the c-clamp on the wing to open up space below vise. I gotta make me one!
  37. S

    Best Steelhead Fly?

    What's the best steelhead fly platform and color? I'd have to say a pink intruder.
  38. Jeremy Floyd

    Best Steelhead Texts Ever?

  39. D

    Best Casting Long Line Rod?

    I'd appreciate any suggestions about buying the best long line rod for use from my pontoon boat. I will be using it to cast a floating line using tapered leaders up to 30 feet in length. Lengths, rod weight, Manufacture, ect. I fish stillwaters in Washington and BC. Thanks Denny
  40. N-forker

    FS Wading Jacket, Hip Pack, Chest Pack And Bino's

    Here are some super awesome items you will just absolutely need! Eddie Bauer Wading Jacket, worn once maybe twice. Virtually new. This a really sweet wading jacket, great pockets for fly boxes, hand warming pockets, internal pockets for hat & gloves. Large hood that stows into the collar...
  41. J

    Whats The Best Smoker Recipe For Trout?

    Been filling the freezer with Brown trout in hopes of smoking some fish in the next couple of weeks... Was thinking I could smoke them like I do salmon or steelhead but figured I'd check in with those who have perhaps been smoking trout for years. So what you got? I'll share a trout...
  42. W

    FS Sage Xp 286-2

    Sage XP 286-2 used 3-4 short days. Stored about 15 years. Mint condition with original tube and sock. $425.00 plus shipping from east Idaho. Photos on request by PM, email or text. 208-7o9.72five8. Will add Ross Canyon 1 w/extra spool and 2 new lines for $150.00
  43. Ron McNeal

    What's The Best/preferred Gun.........

    for shooting Cormorants? Never used to see them at a local lake. Used to be fun to watch the Eagles and Osprey fish and then fight with each other over their catch......... Now, it's just these ugly Cormorants..................
  44. ribka

    Best Hair Band Road Tuneage

    fishing Boulder creek and the Yellowstone this week Stopped on my Sirius hair band station for some variety during the drive This song and found the video one of my new favs
  45. Southsound

    FS Book: "fishing Atlantic Salmon" - Bates' Best -$60

    Selling a nice used copy of "Fishing Atlantic Salmon" which is one of the most comprehensive treatments of classic salmon flies published in recent history. The book was published after Col. Bates' death with the assistance of his daughter, Pamela. This book really should be on your shelf...
  46. freestoneangler

    Best Dry Line Reconditioner

    What is your preferred method and product for cleaning and reconditioning floating line... something that lasts and floats like a cork?
  47. Porter

    NFR Favorite 8's for PNW fishing

    I Two of my favorite salmon/steelhead rods. 8 weights use to be the must have for PNW steelheading and River salmon fishing. Not sure the case any more. Lots of strong 6-7 weights out there now too. The reason the RP is 3/4 oz heavier is the size of the hook keeper :eek::p What are your...
  48. jasmillo

    Kayak my best bet?

    I have been back in WA for a few years now and have come to realize I need some type of watercraft to fish a lot of the water I would like to. I am not looking to purchase anything significant (a true fishing boat as an example). Instead, I am looking for something flexible and easily portable...
  49. T

    Best Spey line for indicator nymphing

    Heading up to north island to fish the tongariro river next Wednesday don't know what kind of line to buy, Any ideas ?
  50. jeff bandy

    NFR Perfection